KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Technical Information Bulletin

Backup and Restoration of Critical Scanner Files

KODAK PROFESSIONAL HR Universal Film Scanner


Updated 30 May 2003



Each HR Film Scanner contains data specific to that particular scanner (critical optical characteristics, color characteristics, focus characteristics and other important information). This data is stored on the scanner's internal hard drive which, like any computer hard drive, could encounter problems from unexpected power or electronic/mechanical failures.

When you backup the scanner data to the host computer, you save machine-specific information to a second location. This greatly improves the security of the data. You may also want to back up these files from the host computer to another media, such as a tape drive or CD ROM.

Backup should be done at installation (use the Service Assembly Module (SAM) to back up critical scanner files), and at regular intervals after installation (perhaps once a month).

Note: The scanners are shipped with a floppy disk which contains the original factory data. We recommend you store this floppy disk in a secure location. This disk is not a substitute for performing a backup of data to the host computer!


Backup Procedure

  1. Open the SAM software.

    If a "HR 500 SAM" icon does not appear on the host computer's desktop, use the Windows "File Find" utility to locate: sam.exe. Create a desktop icon for future use.

  2. Select "View/Operations Controls".

  3. Select the Backup tab.

  4. Click the Backup button. The following files will transfer to the host computer:

    • Configuration (HR500Scanner.cfg)

    • Magnification Table (HR500Scanner.mag)

    • Setup (HR500Scanner.stp)

    • Scan Engine (Service IDs) (HR500Scanner.pss)

    • Color Negative, Ektachrome, and Kodachrome Matrices (HR500Color, HR500Ekta, HR500Koda with a .mat or .mtx extension)

The factory files are backed up to the following directory: C:\HR500 SAM\BACKUP\FACTORY\
The current files (containing changes you have made) are backed up to the following directory: C:\HR500 SAM\BACKUP\CURRENT\
See Backup Tab for additional information.

WARNING: The Restore button is also located on the Backup tab. The only time this function is used is to reinstall machine-specific data onto the HR 500 Film Scanner hard drive. Do not use the Restore function unless you are instructed to do so by Kodak Technical Support personnel.


Restoration Procedure

WARNING: Do not perform the Restore Procedure unless you are instructed to do so by Kodak Technical Support personnel.

  1. Click the Restore button to transfer the files to the scanner

  2. Reboot the scanner to restore the files.

  3. See the additional information provided on the Backup tab (below).


Backup Tab

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