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Comparing Kodak Picture CD and Kodak Photo CD Discs


Updated 17 March 2003



Your service provider can deliver your images to you on either a Picture CD or a Photo CD Disc. Knowing the difference between the two will help you choose the right format to meet your needs.

Visit our Web site for more information on Kodak Picture CD (www.kodak.com/go/picturecd) and Kodak Photo CD (www.kodak.com/go/photocd) .


Comparison Chart


Picture CD

Photo CD

Intended For

The average picture-taker who wants to view pictures on a computer.

Professional and commercial environments.


1 resolution at 1024 x 1536 pixels

5 resolutions ranging from 128 x 192 pixels up to 2048 x 3072 pixels

A 6th resolution is available with Kodak Pro Photo CD Discs (4096 x 6144 pixels)

File Format


Image Pac (.pcd)

Computer Compatibility

Macintosh or Windows based operating systems

Input Quantity

Single roll of color negative film (C41 Process)

Multiple rolls of film

Film Type and Size

  • Advanced Photo System (15, 25, and 40 exposure)

  • 35 mm color negative film (24 and 36 exposure)

  • Black and White, Color Negative, or Color Reversal Film (existing slides or negatives)

  • Kodak Digital Science Photo CD Master Disc

  • 35 mm or Advanced Photo System film

  • Kodak Pro Photo CD Disc

  • 35 mm through 4 x 5 in. film

Software Availability

Software is included on the CD. Features include:

  • easy access to pictures on your computer.

  • convenient organization and storage of memories.

  • picture enhancement features: zoom, crop, and red-eye reduction.

  • e-mail capability.

  • viewing pictures on-screen, creating slideshows, wallpaper, and more.

  • ability to make reprints and picture gifts ( Windows based operating systems only).

Software is needed to review and use the images.
See the Photo CD Software Download page.

Ability To Add Images

The CD is created at the time of film processing (one roll of film per CD).

Up to approximately 100 images can be added to a Photo CD Disc at any time.

Turnaround Time

Determined by the service provider.

Cost and Services

Determined by the service provider.

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