Set Up Your Printer

If you're using a Kodak printer that doesn't support Kodak Perfect Touch Technology or you're using a third-party printer, do the following to set up your printer.

1. In the Print at Home window, click the Printer Setup icon.

2. Select the following options based on your installed printer.

§  Paper orientation. EasyShare software automatically sets the paper to Portrait. All pictures are rotated to fit on the page.

§  Print resolution/quality. Set the print resolution to a minimum of 720 dots per inch (DPI) or the photo-quality setting on your printer. For information on settings for various printers, visit

§  Installed cartridge. If your printer has a setting for the installed cartridge, make sure it is set to color ink.

§  Paper type. Select the paper type that best describes the paper you are using.

§  Border. If your printer supports borderless or no-margin printing, enable the feature, then select Full Size from Print layout menu.

3. Click OK.