EasyShare Gallery Account Settings

Some Kodak EasyShare Gallery features may not be available in your region at this time.

Your pictures are worth sharing. And, with EasyShare software and the Gallery, sharing has never been easier.

Take a minute to set up a new account at the Gallery, or to link your existing account through EasyShare software. Then, sit back and enjoy the many ways you can share your pictures.

1. Choose Tools Preferences

2. On the Account Settings tab, click Account Setup.

3. Select Set Up New Account or I already have a Gallery account, then click Next.

4. Enter the required information, then select or clear the following.

§  Special offers check box (new accounts only)

§  Remember password check box*

§  Terms of service check box (new accounts only)

5. Click Finish.

6. To automatically synchronize (match) the pictures in My Favorites at the Gallery with those in My Favorites in EasyShare software, select that check box.

7. To automatically upload transferred pictures to an album at the Gallery, select that check box.

8. Click Apply, then click OK.

NOTE: Passwords must have 6 or more characters (letters and numbers).

*Select Remember my password to sign in to and automatically upload pictures to the Gallery, and to automatically email tagged pictures.