Setting up Web media on wireless displays

Open your display's Web configuration pages to:

§  set up access to your KODAK Gallery account

§  set up access to your choice of photo and RSS feeds

§  modify your display's settings and viewing options, right from your PC!


Before you start, make sure that your computer is turned on and connected to the Internet; and that your display is connected to your home wireless network.

TIP: Click My Devices in the navigation panel. Your display is listed there when it's connected to your wireless network.


Open the Web configuration page


In the Menu bar, click Tools Device Settings.

If you have a Kodak theatre HD player, you can also click the Configure button in the center viewing pane.


From the pull-down menu, select your display.

The Web configuration page for your display opens in your browser.


Follow the onscreen directions.


Troubleshooting your wireless network connection