Setting up Gallery access

Enter your KODAK Gallery account information so you can copy or view pictures from your Gallery albums on a connected digital display.

NOTE: Some Gallery features may not be available in your region at this time.



In the Menu bar, click Tools Preferences, then click the KODAK Gallery tab.


Display KODAK Gallery albums (KODAK Gallery account required)—Select the check box to list your Gallery albums in the navigation pane under KODAK Gallery albums.


Enter your KODAK Gallery account information.



Email address: Enter the email address you use for your Gallery account.



Password: Enter your Gallery password.


Save your entries.

§  Apply—Save your entries.

§  OK—Save your entries and close the window.

§  Cancel—Close the window without saving your entries.


Don't have a Gallery account yet? Click Set one up now.

Or click KODAK Gallery albums in the navigation pane.


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