Creating a slide show

Combine pictures, videos, and music from one or more sources. Put the pictures and videos in any order you choose. Save the slide show on your computer, then play it on your computer or copy it a connected digital display.



Click the Slide Show Editor tab in the right-hand pane.

If an existing slide show is displayed, click the New button to clear it.


In the navigation pane, click the folder or location that contains the files you want to add to the slide show.


In the Viewer pane, select the files you want.

Add them to the new slide show by dragging them into the Slide Show Editor.

Drag pictures and videos into the upper box, music into the lower.



Continue adding pictures, videos, and music from the navigation pane.



To change the order of the pictures and videos, drag them to a new position.



To remove a file from the slide show but not from the file system, select it and click File ® Delete.



Click Preview to play the slide show.


Click Save.

In the Save Slide Show window, enter a new name in the text box, then click Save.


Copy the slide show to your connected display as you would any other file.


Find all your multimedia slide shows in the navigation pane under Slide Shows.