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Frequently Asked Questions

KODAK Picture Easy Software 3.0


These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) were last updated on 29 October, 2001.


  1. What is KODAK Picture Easy Software 3.0?
    KODAK Picture Easy Software 3.0 is a basic, digital-imaging program for viewing, storing, organizing, printing, and sharing your digital pictures, especially (but not exclusively) when those digital pictures come from KODAK Digital Products. Use Picture Easy Software 3.0 to share your pictures by:

  2. I already have Picture Easy Software 2.0. What's new in version 3.0?
    The major new features are:
    • support for MICROSOFT WINDOWS NT 4.0 Software
    • support for KODAK DC200, DC220, DC260, DVC 300, and DVC323 Digital Cameras, and the KODAK ADVANTIX Film Drive FD 300
    • improved printing characteristics, especially with the several formats of KODAK Inkjet Media— Inkjet Photo Paper and Inkjet Photo Stickers
    • support for pictures with attached sound
    • support for burst, time lapse, and video-format (AVI) pictures
    • simplified e-mail, no longer requiring the receiver to have a special viewer
    • unattended batch downloading and file conversion from KODAK Digital Cameras
    • support for slide shows on your PC
    • enhanced support for albums
    • friendlier interface, with improvements based upon feedback from users
    • manual enhance capability for improved image enhancement, including easy access to and return from your favorite picture-editing program

  3. What KODAK Digital Products does Picture Easy Software 3.0 support?
    Picture Easy Software 3.0 reads pictures easily and directly from all of the following products:

  4. What about digital pictures from other sources, like non-Kodak cameras and scanners? Also, can I work with digital pictures that are already on my computer?
    Picture Easy Software 3.0 receives pictures from any TWAIN-compliant device, which includes most digital cameras and scanners. In addition, Picture Easy Software 3.0 works with JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PHOTO CD IMAGE PAC, and FLASHPIX Format pictures that you have already, whether they are on your hard drive, on a CD-ROM, or on other removable media such as a floppy disk or a ZIP drive.

  5. What are the main features of Picture Easy Software 3.0?
    Picture Easy Software 3.0, which enables you to view, save, print, share, and organize your pictures into albums, features:
    • FLASHPIX Format for picture storage
    • FLASHPIX Technology for picture handling within the software program
    • a "one-button-fix" option to improve the quality of most pictures automatically
    • an incredibly "cool" printing utility that lets you print multiple pictures in a variety of ways
    • the ability to export the pictures to several common formats, including JPEG, BMP, and TIFF

  6. Sometimes I get an error that states that zero pictures were saved. Why is that?
    In the Save windows, be sure to specify a file type. If you leave the file type as Original (the default setting) the pictures may not save properly.

  7. Why is it so important that Picture Easy Software uses FLASHPIX Technology?
    FLASHPIX Technology was developed by Kodak in conjunction with Hewlett-Packard Company, Microsoft Corporation, and Live Picture Inc. to enable large, high-quality digital pictures to be used on computer systems that are common to most users (as opposed to professional workstations). Picture Easy Software is designed to take maximum advantage of FLASHPIX Technology, which offers numerous benefits over other imaging formats. Benefits include:
    • faster picture rendering (for example, thumbnail-sized pictures "snap" to the screen)
    • faster image manipulation
    • more extensive "undo" capability
    • greater storage capability in each picture file, including comments, picture source, etc.
    • faster printing
    • greater versatility in opening and working with more and larger pictures

  8. What can I do if I'm having trouble printing pictures?
    If you are having trouble printing pictures, see TIB4189 , Tips for Printing Digital Pictures.

System Requirements

  1. What are the system requirements for Picture Easy Software 3.0?
    Picture Easy Software 3.0 requires:
    • MICROSOFT WINDOWS 95 or WINDOWS NT 4.0 Software
    • at least 16 MB of RAM with WINDOWS 95 Software
    • at least 32 MB of RAM with WINDOWS NT 4.0 Software
    • a CD-ROM drive
    • a display and adapter capable of at least 256 colors
    • at least 70 MB of free, hard-drive space prior to installation (for storage of the program and a modest number of pictures)
    • a PENTIUM class processor or equivalent
    • a mouse or similar pointing device

    Picture Easy Software 3.0 is not supported on WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 3.x, or MACINTOSH Operating Systems.

  2. Will Picture Easy Software ever work on WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 3.x or MACINTOSH Systems?
    WINDOWS 98 is supported by Picture Easy 3.02 or higher. There are no plans to support WINDOWS 3.x or MACINTOSH Systems.

Online Picture Services

  1. What is KODAK Quick Prints?
    KODAK Quick Prints service is the new site that replaced the U.S. KODAK Print Service. The Print Service allowed you to order high quality prints and enlargements directly from Kodak by means of the Internet. That service has now been transitioned to the new Quick Prints site with enhanced upload capabilities and product offerings.To use the new Quick Prints service, follow the procedure below and enjoy our new product enhancements!
    1. Design your image as usual within your software.
    2. Save your image in the .jpeg format to a location on your hard drive.
    3. Connect to the KODAK Picture Playground on the Kodak home page at http://www.kodak.com.
    4. At the left of the screen, click KODAK Quick Prints.
    5. Follow the directions to upload images from your computer.

  2. Can I access the KODAK DC4800 Zoom Digital Camera with Picture Easy Software?
    Yes, you can. Since the DC4800 camera appears on the computer as a logical drive, in Picture Easy you can access the camera as you would access any other logical drive, such as C:\ or D:\ or E:\, etc. On the Picture Easy main screen, select the option for pictures from sources such as CD, Card Reader, or hard disk. Select the drive letter that represents the DC4800 camera.

Technical Support

  1. Is technical support available for Picture Easy Software 3.0?
    Technical support is available on the Web site (URL address http://www.kodak.com/go/pictureeasysupport) and by calling the technical support telephone number provided with your associated KODAK product or Picture Easy Software package.

  2. What is the procedure for upgrading from version 2.0 of Picture Easy Software to version 3.0 or 3.02?
    To successfully perform this upgrade, follow the procedure outlined below:
    1. Run the uninstall program for Picture Easy 2.0 which you can find at Start > Programs > Kodak Digital Science > Picture Easy Software > Uninstall Picture Easy 2.0.
    2. Insert your KODAK Software CD and follow the instructions for installing Picture Easy Software 3.0/3.02.
    3. Find the picture albums that you created using Picture Easy Software at their current locations:
      • c:\Program Files\Kodak Digital Science\Picture Easy 2\Albums
      • c:\Program Files\Kodak Digital Science\Picture Easy 2\Top Drawer
    4. Move the albums and their contents to their new locations:
      • c:\Program Files\Kodak Digital Science\Picture Easy Software\Albums
      • c:\Program Files\Kodak Digital Science\Picture Easy Software\Top Drawer
    5. Run Picture Easy Software 3.0/3.02.

    IMPORTANT: To successfully upgrade to Picture Easy Software 3.0/3.02 without first uninstalling version 2.0, you must ensure that you have enough available disk space on your hard drive for both the installation program for Picture Easy (70 MB) and a copy of your Picture Easy 2.0 albums (and their contents). If you don't have the required amount of available disk space on your hard drive, you must use the procedure above or risk losing some of your pictures.

    If you have any questions, please call the telephone number for technical support that is provided on the package of your Picture Easy Software or associated KODAK Digital Product.

Kodak, Advantix, and Photo CD are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company.

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