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Frequently Asked Questions

KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Picture Postcard Software



These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) were last updated on October 25, 1999.
The following is a list of the most frequently-asked questions related to KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Picture Postcard Software. If you can't find the answer to your question, use the e-mail form at the end of the FAQs to send us your question. A member of our technical support staff will respond to your question within a day or two. But please be sure to read through all the FAQs before submitting a question; the answer may be here for you today!

General Information

  1. What is KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Picture Postcard Software?
    Picture Postcard Software is a utility program developed to make it easy to e-mail images from KODAK Digital Cameras and Scanners to users anywhere on the Internet using most common e-mail systems. Picture Postcard Software uses the format of a postcard to capture, send, and present the picture along with the associated text.

  2. How do I use it, and what software do I need?
    To create and send a KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Picture Postcard, you need Picture Postcard Software. To view a Picture Postcard, you can use either Picture Postcard Software or Picture Postcard Viewer Software. The latter is a much smaller (and faster to download) program which lets you view, save, and print postcards that you receive from other Picture Postcard Software users.

  3. How do I get the software, and how much does it cost?
    It's free when you purchase a KODAK Digital Camera or Scanner. As of Spring 1997, Picture Postcard Software is included in the box with our new digital cameras and scanners. In addition, current owners of the following products can Download the Software free of charge from the Kodak Web site:


    • DC20
    • DC25
    • DC40
    • DC50
    • DC120
    • DVC 300


    • Snapshot 1
    • PhotoDoc Color

  4. What kind of computer do I need to run Picture Postcard Software?
    Picture Postcard Software runs on either WINDOWS 95 or MACINTOSH (System 7.5 or later). Specific system requirements available on separate web pages. In addition, Picture Postcard Viewer Software runs in WINDOWS 3.x as well as WINDOWS 95.

  5. If I don't own a KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Digital Camera or Scanner, does that mean I can't use Picture Postcard Software?
    Yes and no. You are able to read Picture Postcards using the Picture Postcard Viewer Software, which is free to everyone from the Kodak Web Site or by e-mail. To create and send a Picture Postcard with Picture Postcard Software, you need to own a camera or scanner.

  6. What is a "mail system"?
    A "mail system" is another way of describing the program you use for handling your e-mail. Examples include AMERICA ONLINE, MICROSOFT EXCHANGE, and CLARIS E-MAILER.

    See the section below entitled "Mail Systems" for more details.

  7. I don't have a question, I have a problem.What do I do?
    Visit the Help Desk, and if the information there doesn't answer your question, you'll be able to complete a problem report.

Downloading Picture Postcard Software

  1. Where can I download Picture Postcard Software from?
    Currently the software is only available for free download from this Web site, after completing a brief Registration form.

  2. Once I have downloaded the program, am I ready to send postcards?
    Almost! On a MACINTOSH Computer, locate the folder called Picture Postcard Software on your desktop, and double-click the Picture Postcard icon.

    In WINDOWS 95, double-click on the program called pps95_**.exe (** indicates variable alpha codes for versions in six different languages). This program installs Picture Postcard Software. Once installed, you can run it from the Start menu. The default path is Start/Programs/Kodak Digital Science/Picture Postcard/Picture Postcard 1.0 .

System Requirements and Compatibility

  1. Why doesn't Picture Postcard Software work with WINDOWS 3.1 or 3.11? Will it ever?
    The application was developed to take advantage of many of the improved electronic mailing features built into MICROSOFT WINDOWS 95 Software, and as a result it does not work in earlier versions of MICROSOFT WINDOWS. However, you can view postcards with Picture Postcard Viewer Software, which runs in WINDOWS 3.x as well as WINDOWS 95.

  2. Does this mean that my KODAK Digital Camera (or Scanner) doesn't work with WINDOWS 3.1?
    No, it is only Picture Postcard Software that doesn't work with WINDOWS 3.1 Software; however, Picture Postcard Software Viewer Software works with WINDOWS 3.x as well as WINDOWS 95.

  3. Why should I use Picture Postcard Software instead of sending pictures by attaching files in AOL?
    Because additional features that are provided by Picture Postcard Software make the process easier for AOL users. Many users who are very familiar with technical issues know how to send images to one another already. However, the file size of images and the difficulty of sending them across various mail systems is an unacceptable technical challenge for many users who simply don't have the time to figure that all out. Picture Postcard Software simplifies the whole process for everybody, keeps file sizes reasonable, and allows users of all skill levels to easily and quickly share pictures like traditional postcards are shared today.

  4. What kind of computer do I need to use Picture Postcard Software?
    Picture Postcard Software works on either a MACINTOSH computer or a PC-compatible computer. For more details on the system requirements, please read the specifications for the MACINTOSH or WINDOWS 95 versions.

  5. Does Picture Postcard Software read FlashCards?
    Yes, if they are installed in the digital camera. Picture Postcard Software is not designed to read FlashCards installed in a PCMCIA slot in the computer.

Using Picture Postcard Software

  1. Can I print postcards?

  2. How do I manually attach files, and when do I need to?
    Picture Postcard Software generates a file, called a ".KIZ" file, that contains the postcard information. The sender attaches the file to an e-mail message. When the receiver receives the message, they must store the attachment and then open it with Picture Postcard Software (or Picture Postcard Viewer Software) on their system.

  3. What is a .KIZ file?
    The .KIZ file contains standard HTML (a language used for Web pages) plus standard JPEG files grouped together and encoded using standard UUENCODING. This "packaging" keeps all of the information together and allows it to appear as a single postcard.

  4. (MACINTOSH) I noticed several temporary folders appearing on my hard disk; can I delete them?
    Three folders are created:
    • The Picture Postcard Outbox folder is created when you leave a postcard(s) in the Outbox and quit the program. A .KIZ file is automatically created and stored in this folder. When you restart the program, the postcard(s) reappear in the program's Outbox. If you delete this folder, you will lose the postcards in your Outbox.
    • The Picture Postcard Preview folder is created when you preview a postcard with your Web browser. The folder inside this folder contains the date and time (for example, 11.06.96_15*12*04) and is created to get around a bug in some browsers' caching. The files inside it are the various pieces of the Web page including the TEMPL.HTM (HTML), IMIMAGE1.JPG (actual image), IMINFO.GIF (logo), and IMBACK.GIF (background texture). You can delete these folders anytime after previewing the postcards.
    • The Picture Postcard Temp folder is created when postcards are queued to your mailer. Each folder has a date on it to indicate when the postcards are queued so the user can quickly choose which folders to delete once the postcards are sent.

Mail Systems

  1. Which mail systems does Picture Postcard Software work with?
    The current release of Picture Postcard Software supports users who send e-mail using:

    For WINDOWS 95:

    • AMERICA ONLINE Version 2.5 or greater
    • COMPUSERVE (Using MS EXCHANGE Mail Client)
    • NETSCAPE Mail
    • MICROSOFT Internet Mail
    • Direct SMTPMail
    • Any mail system that supports file attachments


    • AMERICA ONLINE Version 2.6 or greater)
    • EUDORA PRO 2.1.3 or greater
    • EUDORA LIGHT 1.5 or greater
    • CLARIS EMAILER 1.1 or greater
    • NETSCAPE Mail

    Other e-mail systems will be added as the product is developed further. Look for future releases on this Web site!

  2. Are all supported mail systems the same?
    A supported mail system is one that we have tested and verified to work. There are two "classes" of connections:
    • automatic -- Picture Postcard Software automatically launches the mail server to send files, and Picture Postcard Software is automatically launched when a Picture Postcard is read from the mail system "in-basket."
    • semi-automatic -- Picture Postcard Software generates the Picture Postcard in the form of a ".KIZ" file, and the user must attach that file to an e-mail message.

  3. Do the sender and the receiver have to be using the same mail system in order for this to work?
    No. Any of the supported systems can be used as a sender or a receiver except from AMERICA ONLINE (WINDOWS) to MICROSOFT NETWORK / MICROSOFT EXCHANGE (WINDOWS). Picture Postcard Software uses a common file form among all the mail systems, so as long as the program resides on the sender and the receiver system, it will work.

Image Formats

  1. Can I only use KODAK Digital Cameras or Scanners with Picture Postcard Software or can I use other picture formats?
    Picture Postcard Software has been designed to work directly with KODAK DC20, DC25, DC40, DC50, DC120, and DVC 300 Digital Cameras and with the KODAK Snapshot Scanner and PhotoDoc Color Scanner. However, you can use pictures in other formats if they are in compatible formats. With the MICROSOFT WINDOWS version of Picture Postcard Software, you can read BMP and JPEG files, while for the APPLE MACINTOSH version you can use PICT, JPEG, or CLIPPING files.

  2. Can I use images on KODAK PHOTO CD Discs with Picture Postcard Software?
    Yes. Use the File/Open menu commands or the Open button and select the image format .PCD . For more information, see the FAQ about PHOTO CD Technology.

  3. How do I save a JPEG file?
    When you open a Picture Postcard, the picture itself is stored as a JPEG file in a folder called \Postcard\JPGfiles. The name of the file is the same as the name of the Picture Postcard but ends with the file extension .JPG instead of .KIZ .

    If you haven't found the answer to your question, and it's a problem with the application, please visit the Help Desk. If it's a general question, please send e-mail to us at postcard@cyber.kodak.com.

Kodak, Digital Science, and Photo CD are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company.

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