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Developing Black and White Film

Where can I get black-and-white film processed ?
Black-and-white film processing services are readily available nationwide, but they may not be offered by all "one-hour" labs. If you wish to have your black-and-white film processed locally, check the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory under "Photofinishers--Retail" and then look for a photofinisher advertising custom services. Such photofinishers may indicate in their advertisements that they offer black-and-white processing, cropping, roll films, and other less-common services.

In the United States if you prefer to have your black-and-white film processed by Qualex Inc., a wholly-owned subisidary of Eastman Kodak Company, please contact Qualex at 800-661-3456 (outside California) or 800-773-3326 (within California) for information on the nearest dealer in your area.