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KODAK mc3 Portable Multimedia Device
User's Guide
Low Battery Icon

When battery power is low, a battery icon is displayed on the LCD. If no battery icon is displayed, your batteries have enough power to run the mc3 device.

Indicator Meaning
No icon is displayed on the LCD OK - Batteries are charged and ready for use.
Low - Batteries may need to be replaced or recharged soon, but there is sufficient power to use the device.
Power LED is flashing Exhausted - Batteries are too weak to power the device. The device will not operate until you replace or recharge the batteries.

Sleep Mode

If the mc3 device senses no activity for an extended time, it enters "Sleep" mode to conserve battery power. To awaken the device from Sleep mode, press the Shutter button halfway down.

If the device is allowed to remain in Sleep mode, it will eventually turn off. Press the Power button to turn the device back on.

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