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KODAK EZ200 Digital Camera
User's Guide
Recording Video

Use ARCSOFT VIDEOIMPRESSION to record video clips through your KODAK EZ200 Digital Camera.

  1. Connect the EZ200 Digital Camera to your PC.
  2. From the Start menu on your desktop, select Programs.
  3. Select ArcSoft VideoImpression to open the application.
  4. Click "New."

    Video Impressions Screen

  5. Click Capture.
    The EZ200 Digital Camera displays live video on the screen.

    Video Impressions Screen

  6. Click Record to begin recording the live video.
  7. Click Pause to end recording.
  8. Click Save to name and save your video.

    Video Impressions Screen

    For more details on using ARCSOFT VIDEOIMPRESSION features, click the Help (?) button at the top of the screen or visit ARCSOFT's website.

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