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KODAK EZ200 Digital Camera
User's Guide
Downloading Pictures From the Camera

You can download pictures and silent movie clips stored on the camera and save them on your computer. You can then work with your pictures and movie clips in the software application of your choice.

Note: The pictures are not deleted from the camera when you download them. To delete pictures from the camera, see Deleting Your Images from the Camera.

  1. Connect the camera to your computer and press the Shutter button to open the imaging application and the KODAK EZ200 Software. See Connecting the Camera to Your Computer.

    Screen Transfer

  2. In the EZ200 Software window, click Get Images icon.

    Thumbnail representations of all of the pictures and videos on your camera are displayed.

    For details on how to work with the EZ200 Software screen, see Using KODAK EZ200 Software.

  3. Click Save All icon.

  4. In the Choose Folder window, select the location on your computer in which to save your pictures.

    Chooser Folder Screen

  5. In the Save All window, click Yes to confirm the save.

    • All pictures and video clips on the camera are saved to the following folder: mmddyyyy_hhmmss, representing today's month, day, year_hour (24-hr format), minute, and second. For example, pictures saved on May 26, 2000 at 11:06:26 am are saved in a folder named 05262000_110626.

      This ensures that you cannot overwrite existing picture files, no matter how often you download.

    • Pictures are named and saved with consecutive numbers in the following formats:
      Video clip Clip 0.AVI, Clip1.AVI, Clip2.AVI, etc.
      High quality still image HQ0.JPG, HQ1.JPG, HQ2.JPG, etc.
      Web quality still image WQ0.JPG, WQ1.JPG, WQ2.JPG, etc.
      Burst still image Burst 0.JPG, Burst1.JPG, Burst2.JPG

When the pictures and movie clips are stored on your computer, you can open them in the software application of your choice. The images are not displayed automatically in the imaging application.

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