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KODAK EZ200 Digital Camera
User's Guide
Connecting the Camera to Your Computer

Connect the camera to your PC using the provided USB cable.

Before you begin, make sure to install the KODAK EZ200 Software on your computer (see Installing the Software).

Connect the Camera

  1. Connect the USB cable from your computer USB port to the camera USB port.

    When your camera is connected to the computer, it is powered by the USB cable, not the batteries.

Start the EZ200 Software

  1. Place the camera in the base.

  2. Press the Shutter button all the way down.

    A dialog window appears listing the imaging applications on your computer that are compatible with the EZ200 Software.

    Calling Window

  3. Select ARCSOFT PHOTOIMPRESSION for capturing and editing digital still pictures; or select ARCSOFT VIDEOIMPRESSION for capturing and editing videos.

  4. Click OK.
    • The imaging application and the EZ200 Software open.
    • The camera captures a live video image and displays it on the EZ200 Software screen.

      Image Application

    Caution  CAUTION: Do not unplug the camera while the EZ200 Software is running. The application freezes and connot be used. To recover, plug the camera back in and click Exit.

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