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KODAK DC3800 Zoom Digital Camera
User's Guide
Shooting Close-Up Pictures

Use the Close-Up setting to gain sharpness and detail in pictures at close range. When selected, the camera automatically sets the focus distance to 0.2 m (8 in.) and sets the flash to ensure detail and clarity. Since the viewfinder on the camera may not accurately frame your picture in Close-Up mode, Preview is automatically activated. For information on using Preview, see Previewing Your Shot. This setting is ideal for taking close-up pictures of flowers or artwork when you want to fill the image area with the subject.

NoteNote:  When you use the Close-Up feature, batteries are drained faster, so use the KODAK Digital Camera AC Adapter, 3-Volt, when possible.

  1. With the camera on, turn the Mode dial to Close-Up.

  2. Frame your subject using the LCD.

  3. Press the Shutter button half-way to lock the exposure.

  4. Press the Shutter button completely down to take the picture.

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