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KODAK DC3400 Zoom Digital Camera
User's Guide
Formatting Your Camera Memory Card

If you own camera memory cards (CompactFlash cards) that have been used in other digital cameras, they may not be properly formatted for use in your camera, or the data on the card may become corrupted. When these issues arise, your camera indicates that the camera memory card needs to be formatted.

When you format a camera memory card, all of the information on the card is erased. This includes pictures, borders and all other files. You can create and add borders to the camera memory card. For more information, refer to the KODAK DC3400 Border Transfer Application online help or the ReadMe file.

  1. Set the Mode dial to Camera Setup.

  2. Slide the POWER switch to the right to turn on the camera.

    The main Camera Setup screen appears.

  3. Press a button until the icon is highlighted.

  4. Press the DO-IT button.

    The Format Memory Card screen appears.

  1. Press a button until CONTINUE FORMAT is highlighted.

  2. Press the DO-IT button to format the camera memory card and return to the main Camera Setup screen.

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