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KODAK DC240/DC280 Zoom Digital Camera
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Navigating to Your Pictures

Pictures are stored on the camera memory card according to a standard agreed upon by many camera manufacturers. This standard allows you to use the camera memory card in different cameras.

Each Kodak application supplied on the Installer CD guides you to your pictures on the camera memory card; however, if you use a card reader to retrieve your pictures or you cannot locate your pictures using the software provided, the following description of the camera file structure may be helpful.

  • Root level folder is named \DCIM. Each time you turn on the camera or insert a camera memory card, any empty folders within the \DCIM folder are removed.
  • Typically, all pictures taken with the camera are stored in the \DCIM\100DC240 folder for the DC240 camera or \DCIM\100DC280 folder for the DC280 folder.
  • Pictures are numbered in the order in which they are taken. The first picture is named DCP_0001.JPG, which is stored in the \DCIM\100DC240 folder for the DC240 or \DCIM\100DC280 folder for the DC280.
  • When you transfer pictures to the computer, or delete pictures from the camera memory card, the camera uses consecutive numbers for subsequent pictures. For example, if the last picture taken was DCP_0007.JPG, the next picture is DCP_0008.JPG.
  • When you insert the camera memory card into another DC240/DC280 camera, the next picture is derived by incrementing either the highest existing picture number, or the highest picture number previously taken by that camera.

Once you take picture DCP_9999.JPG in the \DCIM\100DC240 folder or \DCIM\100DC280 folder, subsequent pictures will appear in a new folder (\DCIM\101DC240 or \DCIM\101DC280) on the camera memory card, beginning with picture DCP_0001.JPG.

If you use the camera memory card in a camera other than the DC240/DC280 camera, and that camera manufacturer adheres to this file structure standard, the \DCIM folder will contain a folder named by that camera. Any pictures taken with that camera are stored in the folder using the naming conventions established by the manufacturer. For more information, refer to the documentation that accompanied that camera.

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