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Inserting a Camera Memory Card

Your camera comes with a KODAK Picture Card (camera memory card), that is used to store pictures you take with the camera. The camera memory card, also referred to as a CompactFlash card, is removable and reusable for easy storage and transfer of your pictures. Before you can take pictures, you need to insert a camera memory card into the camera. You can purchase additional KODAK Picture Cards as an accessory. For details about available accessories, ask your dealer of Kodak products, or see go/accessories.

  1. Open the camera memory card door on the camera
  2. Hold the camera memory card so the connection end is pointed at the camera, and the card label with the MB size is facing toward the back of the camera.

    The camera memory card can only be inserted one way into the camera. Forcing the card may damage your camera.

  3. Push the camera memory card all of the way into the card slot and close the door..

Removing a Camera Memory Card

  1. Open the camera memory card door on the camera.
  2. Slide the EJECT button in the direction of the arrow.

    The camera memory card partially slides out of the slot.

  3. Remove the camera memory card from the slot and close the door.


    Warning WARNING
    Do not insert or eject a camera memory card when the camera memory card light, located above the card door, is blinking. This may damage your pictures or camera. Use only certified camera memory cards that carry the CompactFlash logo.

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