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KODAK DC215 Zoom Digital Camera
Taking Pictures

Your DC215 camera makes taking pictures fun. Just set the camera to Capture and you are on your way to creating great pictures. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. With the DC215 camera you can:

  • Preview the picture before it is taken.
  • Zoom in up to two times closer on your subject.
  • View the picture you just took.
  • Vary the flash settings to give you control over the type of flash needed for specific conditions.
  • Adjust the camera to take close-up pictures.
  • Set the Self-Timer so you can get into the picture.
  • Adjust the exposure for pictures that are too light or too dark.
  • Lock the exposure for a consistent look in all your pictures.
  • Delete unwanted pictures right away.

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Taking Pictures
Introduction | Previewing | Capturing | Zooming | Close-Ups | Self-Timer | Viewing & Deleting Picture Just Taken | Flash | Adjusting Exposure | Locking Exposure | Deleting Picture Just Taken