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Film Type: KODAK ADVANTIX Film for color and black-and-white pictures
Lens: Auto Focusing 30-60 mm motorized zoom lens, 5-elements/2-group construction, glass aspheric
Focus System: Passive multi-spot AF
Focus Range: C, H, & P: Wide/Tele: 0.8 m - 
Viewfinder: Real image with C, H, & P format display
LCD: Text display with camera-status information and warnings
Film-Speed: DXIX (ISO) 50-1600 for color films
Flash Unit: Built-in, KODAK SENSALITE™ Flash
Flash Range: Wide: 0.8-5.5 m
(ISO 200) Tele: 0.8-4.6 m
Apertures: f/5.9-f/6.9
Shutter: Programmed auto-exposure electronic
Power Source: Main power: one 3 V lithium KODAK K123LA Battery (or equivalent)
Dimensions: 121 mm x 67 mm x 43.5 mm
Weight: 230 g without film or battery
Kodak, Sensalite, Advantix, and the Advanced Photo System symbol and logotype are trademarks.

Owner's Manual Contents
Regulatory Information | Features | Camera Identification | Attaching the Strap | Loading the Battery | Loading the Film | Taking Pictures | Taking Flash Pictures | Selecting Flash Modes and the Infinity-Focus Mode | Using the Self-timer | Date and Time Imprinting | Using the Set Display | Setting the Language | Print Title Imprinting | Roll Title Imprinting | Unloading the Film | Caring for Your Camera | Troubleshooting | Specifications