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Worldwide Service Capabilities

KODAK Service and Support is one of the largest service organizations in the world, available in more than 90 countries with national coverage in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Technical Expertise - Our vast network of factory-trained, technical engineers are backed with diagnostic tools, management systems and other resources to ensure your equipment is running smoothly. They ensure your equipment is running optimally.

Kodak Customer Support Center: A toll-free, customer support hotline that is available for product information or general assistance.

KODAK Service and Support Phone Numbers:
For service on KODAK Products 1-800-23KODAK
Business Imaging Systems
Health and Imaging Systems 1-800-64KODAK
Kodak Professional Technical Assistance Center 1-800-822-1414
Service agreement/contracts and billing information 1-800-645-6325
For Services in Canada

Infrastructure of systems backed by Kodak: A dedicated telecommunications system manages customer calls and dispatches assignments as required. A similar network tracks equipment and parts, providing customers with asset management information. Interactive remote diagnostics enable us to troubleshoot many systems via modem without a second of travel time.

Our people, parts and information are close - you can connect to a vast amount of resources - day or night.