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DCS Firmware and Host Software for KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Cameras

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Extended Range Imaging Technology
File Format Module

Version Operating System Download File
2.0 Windows 2000 and Windows XP ERIFFM_V_2_0_0.exe
[12.5 MB]
June, 2005

N/A ERI_FFM_Help.pdf
[1.2 MB]
March 2005

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1.0 Mac OS 10.1.3 or newer ERIFFM_V_1_0_0.hqx
[5.7 MB]

[3.8 MB]
February, 2004
Internet Explorer users click here

For installation instructions refer to the Readme
[13.5 Kb]
February 2004
N/A ERI_FFM_Help.pdf
[121 Kb]
April 2002

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Information for Internet Explorer Users
It has been reported that using Internet Explorer to download the .DMG Macintosh software causes the file to be created in your defined download location. The DiskCopy application cannot expand this file as it is named and therefore installation of the software cannot proceed. To correct this, allow the download to complete then rename the file to dcsDownload.dmg. After renaming, launch the application DiskCopy which is located in the Applications/Utilities folder of your Mac OS X volume. Once the application starts, drag the file over the DiskCopy dialog and the file will be expanded. After completion of the expansion process a new Finder Window will open showing the software installer and ReadMe.html file. Double click the installer file to install the software. If you have a non MICROSOFT browser, such as Netscape or Safari, you can download the .DMG file without having to rename it.
Features   Supported Cameras   System Requirements   Known Issues

  • New for WINDOWS version 2.0
    • Batch acquiring of images
    • Improved illuminant selected when using click balance
    • Holding down the right mouse button while the pointer is over the preview image will display the previous preview image
  • ADOBE PHOTOSHOP file format plug-in
  • Open Extended Range Imaging Technology JPEG images
  • Adjust exposure, color, look, crop, orientation, etc... before the full resolution image is opened in Photoshop

Supported Cameras

The ERI File Format Module supports ERI JPEG files from the following KODAK PROFESSIONAL products:

 DCS 720xDCS Pro Back
 DCS 760DCS Pro Back Plus
 DCS 760MDCS Pro Back 645C
 SCS 2000DCS Pro Back 645H
  DCS Pro Back 645M
  DCS Pro 14n
  DCS Pro 14nx
  DCS Pro SLR/n
  DCS Pro SLR/c

Requires firmware version 3.0.1 or newer for DCS 720x, DCS 760, and DCS 760M cameras.

Requires firmware version 3.0.x or newer for DCS Pro Back 645C, DCS Pro Back 645H, and DCS Pro Back 645M digital camera backs.

Requires firmware version 3.2.9 or newer for DCS Pro Back and DCS Pro Back Plus digital camera backs.

System Requirements


  • Power PC-based MACINTOSH Computer with a G3 or better processor
  • Mac OS 10.1.3 or newer
  • 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Software V7.0 or greater


  • WINDOWS/INTEL PC with a 266 MHz PENTIUM II or better processor
  • 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Software V5.0 or greater
Known Issues

Issue: The software cannot open files having Japanese characters in the path or the name of the file.
Solution: Ensure that all ERI JPEG files have only English characters in the name and path.

Issue: Some Exif compliant JPEG images may launch the ERI FFM when opened in Adobe Photoshop.
Solution: Uninstall the ERI FFM.

Issue: ERI JPEGs created by the DCS Pro 14n show a light to heavy contouring after the ERI content has been enabled in the ERI FFM.
Solution: None.

Issue: DCS 760M images that have a custom balance applied may show a hue shift when the ERI data is applied in the ERI FFM.
Solution: None.

Issue: ERI FFM ignores the camera resolution setting.
Solution: None.

Issue: Thumbnail is not displayed in the File-Open dialog when an ERI JPEG is selected.
Solution: ADOBE Photoshop V7.0 has a file size limitation of 3 MB for the displaying of a thumbnail. Any file having a size of greater than 3 MB will not show a thumbnail.


Issue: The installer cannot find the "Photoshop:Plug-Ins" folder on Japanese Mac OS X systems.
Solution: Create a folder named "Plug-Ins" in the "Photoshop" folder before installing the software.
Issue: DCS Pro 14n ERI JPEG images that were created with either the Kodak DCS Event Look or the Kodak DCS Wedding Look ICC Profiles applied in the camera will cause a 782 assertion when used with the ERI File Format Module. Once this error occurs, your system will need to be rebooted in order to restart Photoshop.
Solution: Do NOT attempt to use these images with the ERI File Format Module on Macintosh Systems.
Issue: The ERI FFM will not install on UFS partitions.
Solution: Use HFS only.
Issue: ERI FFM will not install if ADOBE Photoshop is not found.
Solution: Install ADOBE Photoshop 7.0 prior to installing the ERI FFM.


Issue: On Windows 2000 systems, an "Unspecified exception error" message occurs and the ERI FFM closes down.
Solution: Ensure that the Swap Size is set to 512 MB minimum on Windows 2000 systems.
Issue: Multiple ERI JPEG images sent to ADOBE Photoshop by Kodak ProShots Studio Software or DCS Photo Desk will only open the first image.
Solution: Open the images directly into ADOBE Photoshop using the file menu.