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KODAK PROFESSIONAL Custom Looks Software

Version Operating System Download File
V2.0 Mac OS 10.2.3 or greater DCSCustomLooksInstaller.hqx
September 2002
[4.2 MB]


February 2004
[2.4 MB]


What is Custom Looks Software?   Who Can Use Custom Looks Software?   

What is Custom Looks Software V2.0

DCS Custom Looks Software (CAT 893 3194) has a set of ICC profiles, each of which converts the "real color" rendering of a scene to a desired response to that scene. This response can be similar to that of film, using filters, or changing contrast or saturation. With saturation changes, customers have the added option of holding flesh tones! Customers will find Custom Looks available only from Kodak.

Who Can Use Custom Looks

Users of KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Photo Desk v2.0 or newer, DCS Capture Studio v1.7.1 or newer, and Extended Range Imaging Technology File Format Module v1.0 or newer can use Custom Looks to generate a desired image look. DCR images that have had a Custom Look applied by Capture Studio will have the Product Look when viewed in older versions of Photo Desk (pre-v2.0).