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DCS Firmware and Host Software for KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Cameras


Version Operating System Download File
V2.0 Mac OS 9.04 or greater
Mac OS 10.2.3 or greater
May 2003
[20 MB]
V1.7.1 Mac OS 9.04 or greater

(Does not support Mac OS X)
April 2002
[13.6 MB]

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For the best results with Firewire connectivity and data transmission, it is recommended that you are operating with the latest version of camera firmware. Periodically check the appropriate DCS camera firmware download page to check on the availability of a newer version.

How to Connect the Apple FireWire (IEEE 1394) Cable


DCS Capture Studio is tested and certified for use ONLY with the Kodak Professional DCS Pro Back family of products. Customer support for this software will ONLY be provided for Kodak Professional DCS Pro Back, DCS Pro Back Plus, and DCS Pro Back 645C/645M/645H users. Customers should contact their Pro Back Dealer for software support.

What's New in DCS Capture Studio V2.0
  • Apple Mac OS X Compliant
  • Audio Alert for Low Memory Conditions
    If sound is enabled on the system, a sound is generated when a low memory situation exists.
  • Added Renaming Image Files Function in Batch Processing
    Files can be renamed as they are exported in batch mode.
  • Camera Settings Information Added to Image Info Window
    Information such as camera type, serial number and image number are now displayed under the Camera Settings tab in the Image Info window.
  • Retake Button Removed
    The Retake button has been removed from the toolbar. The keyboard command for retake has been changed to the three key command <Apple-Shift-R>.
  • New Default Sharpening Values
    The default sharpening values have been changed to: Amount =10, Radius = 1.0 and Threshold = 2.
  • New Default Noise Reduction Value
    The default Noise Reduction value has been changed to Medium.
  • Integrated Apple Help instead of HTML browser viewable help


KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Capture Studio is a MACINTOSH only application for managing and manipulating DCR files and optionally controlling digital camera backs tethered to a computer. DCS Capture Studio offers the ability to quickly preview images as they are captured in tethered mode, browse multiple folders and images, apply a suite of sophisticated image processing options, create a custom ICC profile for various capture conditions, and script multiple processing steps.


DCS Capture Studio can do the following:

  • Browse DCR images in folders on hard disks, CD-ROM, PC Cards, and network servers using a contact sheet interface
  • Open multiple images in windows with variable view scaling
  • Set and adjust cropping, balance, lighting, exposure compensation, look, sharpening, and noise reduction
  • Export images in standard TIFF or JPEG format
  • Add Job Tracker (IPTC) information to images
  • Set and adjust image tone, color balance and color saturation
  • Create a custom ICC profile for a DCS digital camera back
  • Control the operation of a DCS digital camera back over FireWire
  • Provide online Apple Help in either English or Japanese

System Requirements


  • Power PC-based MACINTOSH Computer with a G3 or better processor
  • 200 MB of free disk space
  • Mac OS 9
    • Mac OS 9.0.4 or later
    • 512 MB of physical RAM is recommended
    • 200 MB of RAM (256 MB is recommended) allocated to DCS Capture Studio
    • CarbonLib 1.6 or newer
  • Mac OS X
    • Mac OS 10.2.3 or later
    • 512 MB of physical RAM is recommended
  • Desktop Systems: Built-in IEEE 1394 interface or OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 Adapter for tethered operation
  • Laptop Systems: Built-in IEEE 1394 interface or OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 PCMCIA adapter for tethered operation