Image Enhancement Plug-Ins



Restores, corrects, and balances color

Automatically correct, restore, and balance image color brightness and contrast. Proprietary algorithms analyze the color gradients and determine the optimum tonal curve for each color channel to remove the colorcast, tint, and fading. You can correct for the effects of tungsten and fluorescent lighting. This plug-in also restores pleasing density and contrast to black-and-white images. And it optimizes image white balance; and offer automatic or custom control. This plug-in also supports the use of 8- and 16-bit color image files., and full control of image brightness and image contrast (black-and-white clipping) for better color and white-balance corrections.

Images courtesy ©Roy Madearis, Madearis Studio

Action Scripts


Works with the ROC Plug-In to restore, correct, and balance color of digital images with problems of tinting, color casting, fading, or abnormal lighting. It is best for extremely tinted images with little or no information in one of the color channels.