KODAK PROFESSIONAL Image Enhancement Plug-Ins

Image Enhancement Plug-Ins
Restores, corrects,
and balances color

ROC Pro Plug-in
Optimizes contrast
and exposure

SHO Pro Plug-in
Reduces image
noise and grain

GEM Pro Plug-in
Smoothes skin

GEM Airbrush Plug-in

Fine-tuning the fine image.

  • Reveal critical details buried in shadows
  • Reduce distracting digital noise
  • Eliminate undesireable color shifts
  • Create smooth and pleasing skin tones

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Image Enhancement Plug-Ins let you quickly and easily improve the most common problems associated with digital images. Whether you are a professional photographer or an ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Software enthusiast, choose one or up to four of the these professional tools depending on your photographic content and needs. You can quickly and easily optimize images to improve quality and create even more compelling results.

Images courtesy ©Roy Madearis, Madearis Studio

V2.1: Compatible with WINDOWS 7, XP and Vista for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS5/CS6 (32-bit ONLY), and INTEL/MAC CS5 (32-bit ONLY).

All V2.0 customers will receive special coupon codes for a free upgrade within their current OS version (WINDOWS to WINDOWS or MAC PPC to MAC PPC).