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Pro Series Software Suite

Details of additional KODAK PROFESSIONAL Pro Series Software Suite of Modules

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Pro Series Remake Software
This module allows fast entry of image reorders. It enables the user to locate, reprint and make alterations to individual images. Images can be located using the Unique Image Reference or using any of the first four database text fields.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Pro Series Job Entry Software
This module allows fast entry of orders using a barcode system. This can be used in a proofing system where proof photographs and pack selections are sent to the customer.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Pro Series Software CD Writing Module / for RIMAGE CD Writers
This module has been designed to automatically export images to CD using a Rimage automatic CD writing system.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Export to Web Software
This module allows labs to upload images to the internet, enabling customers to place orders via their web browser. Using this module, Pro Series V6.0 currently supports two third-party internet ordering systems from Squarelight Media and Digital Asset Solutions Ltd.

Combined package consisting of Image Data Link (for photographers) in conjunction with DC Import (for labs) provides a seamless workflow from digital capture to photographic output. The Image Data Link software connects information and images at the time of capture with the option of on-site proofing. DC Import enables labs to automatically bring in images, data, and job information from Pro Series database workflow.

The result: an easy, efficient, more cost-effective way to coordinate images and information for both photographers and labs.

The DC Import Software package includes DC Import and five Image Data Link Software licenses.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Auto-Retouching Software
As an optional module enabled via Pro Edit, this software finds facial features that are appropriate for retouching, and uses operator adjustable image processing algorithms to manipulate the image. It automatically “smooths” complexions to retouch blemishes and wrinkles, and enhances features by whitening teeth and eyes. Working in either batch or interactive modes it offers Pro Labs or school photographers an opportunity to significantly increase revenues by enhancing existing images.

Software automatically identifies features on the face before applying enhancements