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DP2 White Paper

How DP2 Corrects Professional Images Automatically to Optimize Quality and Productivity in Your Pro Lab Workflow

DP2 V16

Each new release of our KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Print Production Software / DP2 delivers image quality and productivity improvements that further facilitate the creation of innovative products. DP2 v.16 provides even more of the tools pro labs need to cost effectively offer a full portfolio of high quality traditional prints and albums, press products (books, calendars, and cards), and digital products (enhanced stills and video slideshows) to professional photographers.

Together, these items address the broad range of consumer needs to connect with family, relive their key events and life stories, and preserve their memories for generations. Through DP2, pro labs and photographers can offer collections of products that meet all of these consumer needs.


DP2 Software has been — and continues to be — an essential part of your lab's production system. At every stage of your lab's workflow, DP2 ensures smooth interactions and performance at peak efficiency. From scanning and image file importing, through manipulation, printing, storage and beyond, Kodak's flexible and scalable approach provides the tools your lab needs to build a powerful, progressive digital future.

DP2 is the digital imaging backbone for professional labs and can meet the expanding set of photographer and consumer needs for creative prints, cards, calendars, photobooks, albums, and now digital services like QR codes and video slideshows.

It is an integral part of a lab's creative and production environment and offers:

  • Unmatched, comprehensive, image-enhancement, product-creation, and production-automation features
  • An open architecture that allows third-party software applications to seamlessly integrate with the platform (business accounting, photographer front ends, lab-created production automation, and more)
  • Sophisticated, fast rendering for very large, complex products—no current product on the market comes close
  • Dynamic templating that allows for automated production of one-off, customer-unique packages
  • User configurable to optimize different task-driven workflows
  • Scalable from one to hundreds of workstations
  • Tools that enable remote service, support, training, and reporting
KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Print Production Software / DP2
DP2 software is a database-driven, digital-imaging production system that provides labs with input, optimization, and output operations and workflows.

New in V16

Features Detailed Functionality Benefits
Animoto lab workflow improvements
  • Support for virtual directories (assets, movies)
  • Improved error checking and handling
  • New Verify Assets Exists menu option
  • New Resend Option for notification emails
  • Enhanced subject line options for notification emails
  • More utilization of background thread processing
  • Improved User Interface for photographer video editing
  • Labs can easily manage volume
  • Labs can easily check orders
  • Labs can send reminders to keep orders moving
  • Improved lab operator productivity
  • Fewer questions / support calls from customers
Animoto "Preview Sharing" feature
  • New "Preview" feature to enable pro photographers to share preview with clients
  • Easy cut/paste shareable link
  • Full length preview for client viewing (low res and limited time)
  • Photographers can build excitement with clients for selling more products of all types
  • Clients can view preview before photographer commits to ordering
  • Photographers are protected from losing sales
Animoto "Direct to Consumer" video products
  • Introduced new video configuration/license and pricing for labs who sell directly to end consumers
  • Labs can manage and track both the "Pro Photographer" and "Direct to Consumer" video workflow and orders in parallel
  • Labs can address additional market opportunities for video products
  • Pricing is flexible to a variety of labs marketing approaches
Image Optimization improvements
  • Popular Click Balance feature set added to the Digital Analyzer interface
  • New System Setting to visually flag images without embedded profiles on import
  • Provided capability to apply Abstract Profiles after all other corrections are applied
  • Added new sets of Abstract Profiles: B&W Looks, Fun FX (Instagram), & Vintage and Alternative Process Looks in addition to our Flesh Warmth & Saturation Boost Profiles
  • Improved grey scale neutralization
  • Improved lab operator productivity
  • Improved lab workflow and order handling
  • Labs can offer new products with special effects obtained through abstract profiles
New Product Design features
  • QR code can be displayed as English readable text in the user interface
  • Capability to "stretch" an Order Item or Product to a new size
  • Latest set of popular products through Liberty/iVoke order routing such as iPhone, iPad, and Kindle cases
  • Improved feedback when designing products with QR codes and when checking orders
  • Improved lab operator productivity
  • Easy to expand lab's portfolio to include new types of products
Rendering & output improvements
  • Added script for "mirrored rendering" for all pages in a queue
  • More detailed email notification when any render engine has a problem
  • Support for new NEXPRESS Gold Dry Ink
  • Easily handle any products requiring heat transfer
  • Improved printer uptime & utilization
  • Enables new creative, premium press products
KPARS & Auto Head Alignment improvements
  • Improved eye/feature positioning when manually finding faces
  • Improved head alignment for light and dark skin subjects
  • Eye and teeth whitening improvements
  • Improved eye/face detection in batch/automatic mode
  • Improved lab operator productivity
Rimage improvements
  • New macro to find and use the first image written to CD to populate the CD label
  • Improved lab productivity with printing labels
Green Screen enhancements
  • Export the digital group shot composite png with transparency
  • Improved auto-cutting of non-sRGB Adobe 98 images
  • More workflow flexibility for additional applications

Video Slideshows

Unleash the power – and the sales – of video slideshows

video slideshowsLeading professional photographers are incorporating the use of videos into their business in many ways – as social (viral) marketing tools, as sales tools to preview and build anticipation with their clients, and as revenue generating product offerings, both in their top packages and a la carte. Through DP2's integration with Animoto™, pro labs can very efficiently produce video slideshows and offer photographers value added services and ordering simplification. These stunning videos, coupled with professional prints, albums, photobooks, and other merchandise, deliver a comprehensive collection that meets the needs of today's consumer.

Key video slideshow features added in v.16

  • A new video "preview player" option that allows professional photographers to share a link with their clients to drive sales.
  • A new type of video specifically licensed for "direct-to-consumer" applications for pro labs who sell directly to consumers.

With the latest QR code and video slideshow features, DP2 v.16 opens new product categories and revenue sources for pro labs.

Introduced in v.15:

  • QR codes encourage and promote mobile sharing. Photographers can integrate QR codes into their marketing materials to create an interactive sales experience. Consumers can scan QR codes included on their prints and albums to view video slideshows, connect with their social media sites, or even place orders.
  • Video slideshows are a great way to memorialize and relive life's important events and moments. The DP2 interface with Animoto enables pro labs to efficiently deliver video slideshows with the quality, convenience, and full service that photographers expect.

Scan to view a video slideshow (for demonstration):
QR code


KODAK PROFESSIONAL Auto-Retouching Software

Add this optional software module to your DP2 workflow. Better images can drive more sales for you and your clients. This software is designed to find facial features that need retouching and uses operator adjustable, image processing algorithms to manipulate those images. It can smooth complexions by retouching blemishes and wrinkles, and whitens teeth and eyes as needed. You can use this feature in either batch mode or interactive mode. The feature is user-friendly with a short, fast learning curve.


Operating Systems Supported:
  • WINDOWS 7 32-bit or 64-bit
  • VISTA 32-bit (with SP2)
  • WINDOWS XP 32-bit (with SP2)
Database Managers Supported:
  • MICROSOFT SQL Server (optional)
  • MICROSOFT SQL Server Express 2008 / JET (included)


We offer comprehensive DP2 licensing plans that include:

  • Use of DP2 software for number of workstations required in your operation
  • A full release each year with features based on customer requests and industry trends
  • Technical support hours, remote diagnostics and email/phone support. (Support is provided for the 2 latest versions of DP2.)
  • Webinar or on-site training hours, customized to your needs
  • Access to DP2 technical information and downloads via the KODAK Pro Lab Resource Center
  • Additional Per Use charges apply for KODAK PROFESSIONAL Auto Retouching Software and the Animoto Video Slideshow feature
If you are not currently a DP2 customer and would like more information, please email us at us-dp2-support@kodak.com or call 1-800-235-6325 x86 (US toll free)


To help pro labs gain the maximum benefits of the powerful features in DP2 software we offer a variety of support options:

  • Highly trained and experienced technical specialists provide support via phone and email.

    In the United States and Canada:
    Call toll free 1-800-822-1414 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern US Standard Time) Monday through Friday.
    Email: us-dp2-support@kodak.com

    Other than United States and Canada:
    Local service contact information and hours of coverage are provided during your initial 30day trial period. Your first point of contact should be to contact your local Kodak representative. If you are not sure who to contact, send an email to the US/C mailbox.

  • Context Sensitive Help System within DP2. From any screen, select the <F1> key or the corresponding menu choice.
  • An integrated Problem Reporting System automatically captures and sends details about errors that occur during the operation of DP2. to our technical specialists to expedite diagnosis and correction.
  • Color management and image quality optimization by image science engineers for system calibration, device color profiles, and the end-to-end color management. Customized color profiles can be developed upon request.
  • Training─remote/webinar and onsite. Each training event is customized based upon your needs.
  • Tips and techniques─written procedures/examples, podcasts, and videos for download by Premium Members from the ProLab Resource Center.
  • Annual two-day Pro Lab Workshop in Rochester, NY for DP2 users worldwide. Covers features of the latest release, as well as "hands-on" sessions for novices and experienced users.