DP2 White Paper

How DP2 Corrects Professional Images Automatically to Optimize Quality and Productivity in Your Pro Lab Workflow

DP2 V17

With KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Print Production Software / DP2 v.17, we continue to meet the needs of pro labs in today's ever-evolving professional market. DP2 v.17 is a powerful platform building on a long history of image quality and productivity improvements that facilitate lab workflow and the creation of innovative products.

With v.17, we are delivering additional functionality and improvements, including:

  • A new customizable reporting system
  • A first-of-its-kind wheelman tablet app that replaces old hardware-based solutions for color correcting
  • Improved digital press workflow with support for HP Indigo printers
  • Improved creative products through vignette tools and specialized CNP look profiles

Wheelman App

Wheelman App

You provide an ANDROID tablet and Bluetooth®, and we'll provide familiar color correction tools in an App*. You control the wheel size, sensitivity, and sound/vibration. This App is a free download from the KODAK Pro Lab Resource Center for DP2 customers.


  • Brings popular wheelman features onto a tablet devices with sensory feedback
  • Adjust Images and Analyzer Modes
  • Wireless Bluetooth® connection
  • UI configurable by end user

The Wheelman App has a short learning curve with familiar user interactions. Additionally, this App replaces older, expensive dedicated hardware solutions.

* App has been tested on: SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8.0 WiFi 16GB and ASUS NEXUS 7.0 WiFi 16GB tablets with CIRAGO Bluetooth® USB Adapter BTA-3210 V2.1.


DP2 Software has been — and continues to be — an essential part of your lab's production system. At every stage of your lab's workflow, DP2 ensures smooth interactions and performance at peak efficiency. From scanning and image file importing, through manipulation, printing, storage and beyond, Kodak's flexible and scalable approach provides the tools your lab needs to build a powerful, progressive digital future.

DP2 is the digital imaging backbone for professional labs and can meet the expanding set of photographer and consumer needs for creative prints, cards, calendars, photobooks, albums, and now digital services like QR codes and video slideshows.

It is an integral part of a lab's creative and production environment and offers:

  • Unmatched, comprehensive, image-enhancement, product-creation, and production-automation features
  • An open architecture that allows third-party software applications to seamlessly integrate with the platform (business accounting, photographer front ends, lab-created production automation, and more)
  • Sophisticated, fast rendering for very large, complex products—no current product on the market comes close
  • Dynamic templating that allows for automated production of one-off, customer-unique packages
  • User configurable to optimize different task-driven workflows
  • Scalable from one to hundreds of workstations
  • Tools that enable remote service, support, training, and reporting
KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Print Production Software / DP2
DP2 software is a database-driven, digital-imaging production system that provides labs with input, optimization, and output operations and workflows.

New in V17

Features Detailed Functionality Benefits
Manage Images
  • Control user permissions to prevent inadvertent cropping
  • Improve order accuracy and fewer remakes
Rendering and Output Improvements
  • Render using sub sampled images on lab specified nodes
  • Support for JDF templates and a single hot folder with HP INDIGO printers
  • Render a PDF with a quantity of front and back cards and an order separator card
  • New FUJI FRONTIER Digital Lab Systems interface eliminates re-rendering at the printer
  • Improved visibility of render status of all render engines
  • Set up a specific queue for mirrored output (rather than on every product)
  • Generate multiple copies of rendered images for uses beyond printed output (e.g. uploads, discs, etc.)
  • Option to embed profile in rendered image
  • General improvements to productivity and quality
  • Improve productivity on output like order sheets and service items
  • More flexible workflows for rendered digital files
Product Workflow Categories
  • Lab definable "Workflow" field tied to DP2 products
  • Allows separate processing of order items based on their production workflow
  • Designed for KODAK PROFESSIONAL Collections and Creations Software orders, but useful on all DP2 orders
  • Better control when processing orders with different types of products
Composite Job Generator
  • Automatically increment print quantity by number of absentees
  • Improve order accuracy and avoid special orders/li>
Integrated HTML Scripting
  • WYSIWYG editor to create custom HTML scripts
  • Integrated access and use of real time, dynamic order data
  • More useful reports, emails, and even DP2 windows
Business System Support
  • General method to feed business systems for any order creation workflow that originates in DP2
  • Customizable by lab to support any number of workflows and systems
Vignette and Radial Blur Effects
  • Create vignette effects without using masks
  • Center the focus of the effect at any position on the image
  • Control 6 individual parameters to design desired vignette effect
  • Simulates the photographic lens effects to produce creative, popular products
Effects Profiles
  • Custom profiles can be applied during rendering
  • Easy to implement for specific products, orders, or customers
  • Designed for custom color saturation and black-and-white results
  • Achieve more saturated color while maintaining skin tones
  • Achieve unique B/W looks
Product Creation
  • "Expand" text option to increases character spacing to both left and right edges
  • Products can be rotated CW, CCW, and 180°
  • Display actual font sized used when auto-sizing
  • Improved tools and product design options
Chroma Key
  • Improved auto-cutting parameters to prevent skin blotching
  • Improved auto-detect and cutting of blue screen images
  • Better results with less manual correction
KPARS Interactive and Review
  • Simultaneously move chosen sets of facial feature grid points
  • Improved adjustment process and productivity

Video Slideshows

Unleash the power – and the sales – of video slideshows

video slideshows Put the ANIMOTO team of directors, animators, and editors to work for you, funneling all their talents into creating a video slideshow for beautiful results, including a wide range of video styles and rights-managed music. Your pro lab adds value since you've already color corrected the order, retouched imaged, and created DP2 order items which can be used in the video slideshow. Offering a professional video slideshow along with prints and albums completes the Collection.

  • Fully automated process for creating video slideshows through ANIMOTO.
  • Convenient customer edit/ approval option through lab's own web presence.
  • 50 styles + 280 song choices in 360, 480, and 720p resolution.
  • Commercially licensed, white labeled for pro photographers.
  • Standard ANIMOTO videos for labs selling direct to consumer.

Key video slideshow features added in v.16

  • A new video "preview player" option that allows professional photographers to share a link with their clients to drive sales.
  • A new type of video specifically licensed for "direct-to-consumer" applications for pro labs who sell directly to consumers.

With the latest QR code and video slideshow features, DP2 v.16 opens new product categories and revenue sources for pro labs.

Introduced in v.15:

  • QR codes encourage and promote mobile sharing. Photographers can integrate QR codes into their marketing materials to create an interactive sales experience. Consumers can scan QR codes included on their prints and albums to view video slideshows, connect with their social media sites, or even place orders.
  • Video slideshows are a great way to memorialize and relive life's important events and moments. The DP2 interface with Animoto enables pro labs to efficiently deliver video slideshows with the quality, convenience, and full service that photographers expect.

Scan to view a video slideshow (for demonstration):
QR code


KODAK PROFESSIONAL Auto-Retouching Software

Add this optional software module to your DP2 workflow. Better images can drive more sales for you and your clients. This software is designed to find facial features that need retouching and uses operator adjustable, image processing algorithms to manipulate those images. It can smooth complexions by retouching blemishes and wrinkles, and whitens teeth and eyes as needed. You can use this feature in either batch mode or interactive mode. The feature is user-friendly with a short, fast learning curve.


Operating Systems Supported:
  • WINDOWS 7 32-bit or 64-bit
  • VISTA 32-bit (with SP2)
  • WINDOWS XP 32-bit (with SP2)
Database Managers Supported:
  • MICROSOFT SQL Server (optional)
  • MICROSOFT SQL Server Express 2008 / JET (included)


We offer comprehensive DP2 licensing plans that include:

  • Use of DP2 software for number of workstations required in your operation
  • A full release each year with features based on customer requests and industry trends
  • Technical support hours, remote diagnostics and email/phone support. (Support is provided for the 2 latest versions of DP2.)
  • Webinar or on-site training hours, customized to your needs
  • Additional Per Use charges apply for KODAK PROFESSIONAL Auto Retouching Software and the Animoto Video Slideshow feature
  • New for v.17:
    Access to DP2 technical information and downloads via the KODAK Pro Lab Resource Center including a broad collection of DP2 Insights videos available 24/7 demonstrating the system's many capabilities
If you are not currently a DP2 customer and would like more information, please email us at us-dp2-support@kodakalaris.com or call 1-800-235-6325 x86 (US toll free)


To help pro labs gain the maximum benefits of the powerful features in DP2 software we offer a variety of support options:

  • Highly trained and experienced technical specialists provide support via phone and email.

    In the United States and Canada:
    Call toll free 1-800-822-1414 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern US Standard Time) Monday through Friday.
    Email: us-dp2-support@kodakalaris.com

    Other than United States and Canada:
    Local service contact information and hours of coverage are provided during your initial 30day trial period. Your first point of contact should be to contact your local Kodak representative. If you are not sure who to contact, send an email to the US/C mailbox.

  • Context Sensitive Help System within DP2. From any screen, select the <F1> key or the corresponding menu choice.
  • An integrated Problem Reporting System automatically captures and sends details about errors that occur during the operation of DP2. to our technical specialists to expedite diagnosis and correction.
  • Color management and image quality optimization by image science engineers for system calibration, device color profiles, and the end-to-end color management. Customized color profiles can be developed upon request.
  • Training─remote/webinar and onsite. Each training event is customized based upon your needs.
  • Tips and techniques─written procedures/examples, podcasts, and videos for download by Premium Members from the ProLab Resource Center.
  • Annual two-day Pro Lab Workshop in Rochester, NY for DP2 users worldwide. Covers features of the latest release, as well as "hands-on" sessions for novices and experienced users.