KODAK PROFESSIONAL DP2 Business Extensions Software

KODAK PROFESSIONAL DP2 Business Extensions Software interfaces with KODAK DP2 Digital Print Production Software, MICROSOFT Dynamics GP accounting software, and V-Technologies StarShip shipping software to support the non-production aspects of the modern digital order workflow.

With DP2 Business Extensions software, your customer's production orders are automatically entered into your accounting system. Plus your management, sales/marketing, and customer service personnel can easily access information from both systems through one user interface.


Use DP2 Business Extensions Software to:

  • Automate order-entry into your accounting and invoicing system from studio-based software systems
  • Unify the display and reporting from various systems and databases that make up your lab's software infrastructure
  • Provide effective customer support services
  • Explore customer buying trends with rich analysis tools
  • Track status of your customer leads from prospects to bona fide customers


DP2 Business Extensions Software Main Features:

  1. System Setup
    Easy configuration of both system-wide and workstation specific settings during installation and whenever new hardware is added. Install as many workstations as you want with our simple site license model.

  2. Order Importer
    Automated processing of electronic customer orders. Support any number of studio ordering systems through use of the popular Pre-Order File (POF) format. The order information is transmitted to the Sales Order Processing (SOP) module of Microsoft Dynamics GP to create billable orders. This feature runs in the background eliminating order entry labor, data entry errors and subsequent waste.

  3. Customer Activity Module
    A single user interface provides a unified view into the lab's current and past orders, allowing you to quickly find customer and order-related information, track customer service activities, proactively manage prospective customer activity, and conduct comparative sales analysis.
    CAM Features:

    Integrated Order Display ›

    Access data from a variety of sources—DP2, GP, and StarShip—to provide a unified view into the lab's order activity including comparative sales analysis.

    Customer Service activity log ›

    Integrated customer service features that help to both quickly find customer- and order related information, and track the service activities delivered to customers. Measure service duration and frequency.

    Sales Analysis ›

    Perform sales analysis using different filters such as customer number, names, ranges, and other field data such as zip code or even partial zip code.

    Prospect Management ›

    Manage prospective customers and automatically create GP customer records with preloaded data.

    Executive Summary ›

    Review a password protected, management-level summary of lab business with period comparison tools, such as daily/monthly sales to last year/ same month, QTD, last year same quarter, YTD, last year. Includes Late Order reports to keep track of lab through-put and efficiency.

    Report Package ›

    view or print a snapshot of important data such as current order status, shipping and posted sales.

Example Interface

KODAK PROFESSIONAL DP2 Business Extensions Software
  1. Left-hand navigation bar – track data by orders, incidents, and sales analysis
  2. Filter customers by number, names, ranges and more
  3. Data may be displayed as tabular, line charts and bar charts


The correct versions of related software need to be in-place prior to the installation of DP2 Business Extensions Software. The following is a list of software that has been tested to operate correctly with DP2 Business Extensions Software:

  • WINDOWS 7 Professional
  • SQL Server 2005 or newer
  • KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Print Production Software/DP2, v14 or newer
  • MICROSOFT Dynamics GP v2010 with SOP Module
  • V-Technologies StarShip v11 (optional)


The DP2 Business Extensions annual license includes the use of the software, all software upgrades, web-based training, and phone / e-mail support. The site license agreement allows for unlimited installs and concurrent use throughout your facility.

For pricing on DP2 Business Extensions license, please contact your Kodak representative.

A 30 day trial license period is available following first installation.


To help pro labs gain the maximum benefits of the powerful features in DP2 Business Extensions Software we offer a variety of support options:

  • Highly trained and experienced technical specialists provide support via phone and email.

    In the United States and Canada:
    Call toll free 1-800-822-1414 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern US Standard Time) Monday through Friday.
    Email: us-dp2-support@kodakalaris.com

    Other than United States and Canada:
    Local service contact information and hours of coverage are provided during your initial 30day trial period. Your first point of contact should be to contact your local Kodak representative. If you are not sure who to contact, send an email to the US/C mailbox.

  • Context Sensitive Help System within DP2 Business Extensions Software. From any screen, select the <F1> key or the corresponding menu choice.
  • An integrated Problem Reporting System automatically captures and sends details about errors that occur during the operation of the software to our technical specialists to expedite diagnosis and correction.
  • Training─remote/webinar. Each training event is customized based upon your needs.
  • Tips and techniques─written procedures/examples, podcasts, and videos for download by Premium Members from the ProLab Resource Center.
  • Annual two-day Pro Lab Workshop in Rochester, NY for DP2 users worldwide. Covers features of the latest release, as well as "hands-on" sessions for novices and experienced users.