KODAK PROFESSIONAL Collections & Creations Software

Discover the smart comprehensive portfolio that keeps you and your business evolving, growing and committed to your customers.


Be your clients' trusted guide
Stay on the cutting edge of business and rediscover what makes you an expert to your clients, with a solution that helps you easily present options to commemorate their life's treasured moments. It's easy for you, easy for your clients.
Say yes to every request
More solutions. Fewer limitations. Satisfy your clients, surpass their needs, and create new, valuable opportunities that help build business and increase sales.
Do more with less
Expand your creative offerings and save time and effort, all at once. One customized solution does the work for you — now, you've got more opportunity to focus on your clients.
There's a new way to take your expertise, sales and productivity to new heights.

With collections, you can now offer high value solutions to your clients, allowing them to:

  • Connect their memories and stories by sharing with family and friends anytime, anywhere
  • Relive their memories by bringing them to life in story form
  • Preserve their milestone occasions for a lifetime

This software-enabled solution allows for product bundles that complement your studio's creativity and meets your clients' needs, uniquely designed for all of life's occasions.

Questions and Answers

Does the portfolio allow me to reach the widest amount of customers?
Yes, you're now able to offer traditional print products to the connected digital customer, or digital products to traditional customers, while emphasizing the importance of both with the ability to cross-sell and up-sell.
Will it limit me in the types of products I can offer?
Absolutely not — because the collection includes both traditional and digital selections, you'll still be able to select a la carte, delivering products spanning a full range of customer needs, like weddings, portraits, high school graduations and sports profiles.
How can I avoid overwhelming my customers with options?
Too many choices can lead to frustration. Our solution is bundled, so customers now have even more choices than before, presented in a package of products that complement each other.
What types of products are included in the collection?
Your new solution is completely comprehensive and includes a wide array of traditional and digital offerings, from classic heirloom prints, to posters, mugs and other keepsakes, as well as digital HD files for social media sharing.
If it's a bundled solution, can I still customize my services?
Of course! The software allows collections to be customized by you.
Ordering bundled products can be very difficult and time-consuming. How can I order Collections?
It's easy with KODAK PROFESSIONAL Collections & Creations Software! The new online ordering system presents lab products in thoughtfully created sets that follow a logical flow to help you guide your clients through the storytelling process. Look for this software coming soon to your KODAK Pro Lab.
How can I learn more?
Contact any KODAK Pro Lab to learn more about KODAK PROFESSIONAL Collections & Creations Software. Don't have a Pro Lab? Find one now!

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