KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Photo Printers

KODAK PROFESSIONAL 9810 Digital Photo Printer (Catalog #893 9175) has been discontinued as of June 1, 2010.

In order to continue servicing our customers, Kodak will continue to supply media (KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTATHERM 9810 Digital Photo Print Kits) for the 9810 printer until mid 2015.

New Software Driver/Firmware Update Available for 9810 Printers!

KODAK Photo Printer 6850 (Catalog #117 9365) is now only sold through Kodak‚Äôs Retail Systems & Solutions (RSS), not through KODAK PROFESSIONAL Products distribution channels. Thermal printing is an important component of the RSS portfolio and RSS will be responsible for all future KODAK Thermal Equipment.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTATHERM 6800/6850 Print Kits will continue to be available through dealers of KODAK PROFESSIONAL Products until mid 2015.

Support information for discontinued KODAK PROFESSIONAL Thermal Printers remains available.

Thermal Printer Support: