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ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper

This product has been discontinued. Please see KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Paper to learn more about Kodak's newest, best, professional, color negative paper.

Questions and Answers

What are the applications for KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper?
This paper, with its distinctive eye-catching surface, is designed for commercial printing applications where there is a need to accentuate the color range. In some cases, the paper’s surface could replace the need for application of glossy laminate. This paper is ideal for high-impact indoor displays, e.g. fashion, retail, and food photography.
What are the key features of KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper?
  • Distinctive surface with a luminous/iridescent sheen
  • Extended color gamut
  • High gloss and high contrast for blacks with high impact
  • Thick base for robust, premium feel
  • No backprint
How does ULTRA High Definition Paper differ from KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA ENDURA Paper?
KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA ENDURA and ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Papers are designed to provide materials for commercial printing applications. Both papers share a similar emulsion, featuring pleasing flesh-tone reproduction, great highlight and shadow detail, and excellent print longevity — ideally suited for professional use.

ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper has no backprint, while KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA ENDURA Paper has “Do not copy” backprint with E (lustre) surface and no backprint with F (glossy) and N (matt) surfaces.

While ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper is thicker than standard ULTRA ENDURA Paper, the most noticeable difference is the surface. ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper is available in a high gloss surface only and has an iridescent sheen, which boosts the color intensity.

The emulsion used to manufacture this paper is similar to ULTRA ENDURA Paper, which features state-of-the-art image stability, smooth flesh-tone reproduction, process robustness, and enhanced highlight and shadow detail. ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper is an addition to the ULTRA ENDURA Paper selections, broadening the range of printing options in the family of ENDURA Papers.

Labs and photographers/customers choose ENDURA Papers because they want a distinctive professional paper from Kodak and value both KODAK and ENDURA branding. Kodak is committed to providing options to the professional market to enable our lab partners to differentiate their work and innovate their portfolios of printed products. Broadening the ENDURA Paper family offers more options for their digital needs.
Is this paper similar to KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Metallic Paper?
ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper has a highly reflective iridescent surface, whereas ENDURA Metallic Paper has a three-dimensional appearance — often described by photographers as “chrome on paper.” The look is very different between the two papers. ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper has no backprint and has a thicker base to accommodate a wider variety of commercial applications.
Are there any processing changes?
There are no processing changes required. Use KODAK EKTACOLOR Chemicals for Process RA-4.

Although Kodak does not recommend Process RA-2SM for professional media, some customers may judge the results acceptable for certain applications. Customers should test the media to determine acceptability.
Do I need to change my printer setups for this paper?
Color profiles and calibration aims are available at www.kodak.com/go/colorprofiles .
Due to the different surface are there any issues in transporting/mounting/handling this paper?
No. The paper should perform similarly to KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA ENDURA Paper.
I have an optical lab. Can I use this paper?
Yes, ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper can also be used for optical printing as well as for digital.