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This product has been discontinued. Please see KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Paper to learn more about Kodak's newest, best, professional, color negative paper.
  • Distinctive surface with a luminous/iridescent sheen

  • Extended color gamut

  • High gloss and high contrast for blacks with high impact

  • Thick base for robust, premium feel

  • No backprint
Reflective, eye-catching appearance intensifies contrast and color

Looking for a new way to differentiate output for clients who want to step out of the ordinary? Introducing a new output paper designed to help your lab take hold of some commercial, fashion, and portrait print work.

Our new KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA ENDURA High Definition Paper delivers dramatic color with a unique high gloss, iridescent sheen. There’s no backprint so you’ll be able to use this paper for a variety of commercial applications. And it shares a similar emulsion set with the family of KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Papers—pleasing flesh-tone reproduction, great highlight and shadow detail, and excellent print longevity.

Choose Kodak for more choice, selection, and value.

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