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This product has been discontinued. Please see KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Paper to learn more about Kodak's newest, best, professional, color negative paper.

Questions and Answers

What are the key features of KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA ENDURA Paper?
For labs:
  • Proprietary technology that enables printing from both digital and optical printers
  • Digitally compatible with CRT, LED, and laser devices, as well as suitable for exposing on optical enlargers and automatic printers
  • Because the same imaging dyes are used in optical and digital printers, the lab gets excellent print matching and consistent image quality between digital and optical devices
  • Excellent print quality in both the high quality and high productivity modes of printers with bi-directional printing
  • Improved lab consistency with latent image keeping from 5 seconds to 24 hours
  • Simplified inventory and product ordering because one paper can be used in all of the lab's exposing devices
  • Improved process robustness means paper is less sensitive to process chemical activity variation
  • Up to 20% reduction in developer replenishment rate for RA-4 processing means lower processing costs and lower effluent disposal costs (depending on image content and operating procedures)
For photographers:
  • Consistent print quality from either digital or optical printers
  • State-of-the-art image longevity* (average 20 months for high-intensity commercial reflection display under 5000 lux)
  • Excellent reproduction of skin tones with neutral flesh reproduction from highlights to shadows
  • Realistic color saturation and color accuracy
  • Brighter blues, cyans, purples, and reds

*Based on product application including specific light levels and temperature conditions; testing conducted as specified in ANSI Publication IT9.9-1996 and ISO Publication 10977, Stability of Colour Photographic Images—Methods for Measuring, including use of illustrative endpoint criteria of 30% dye fade.

What sizes and surfaces are offered?
ULTRA ENDURA Paper is available in a variety of roll sizes. The paper has a resin-coated base and is available in F (glossy) and N (smooth, matte) surfaces. F and N surfaces are available without backprint.

Where can I get more information about the ULTRA ENDURA Paper?
For technical information, see KODAK Publication No. E-4020 , KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA ENDURA Paper.

Where can I get calibration routines?
See CIS-242 for ULTRA ENDURA Paper. For other manufacturers' printers, contact your equipment manufacturer.

What makes ULTRA ENDURA Paper good for both digital and optical printing?
ULTRA ENDURA Paper is optimized for digital and optical printing. It features a wide range of exposures—in laser devices that expose from the 50 nanosecond range and in optical enlargers at exposure times up to 10 minutes.

What do I need to do to my digital and optical printers to convert to ULTRA ENDURA Paper?
Optical Printer Setup:
You should rebalance your optical printers. Also, update your printer's balance and slope (Overs and Unders) settings. To adjust your slope, run your normal and slope printer control negatives.

Digital Printer Setup:
Contact your printer manufacturer for calibration information.

Scanner Calibration:
You should calibrate your scanner with a scanner target produced from ENDURA Paper—KODAK PROFESSIONAL Q-60 Color Input Target / Q-60R2.

What KODAK digital printers can I use to print on ULTRA ENDURA Paper?
Use any of these printers:
  • KODAK PROFESSIONAL RR 30, RP 30 and SRP 30 Laser Printers
  • KODAK CRT-based printers, such as KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Multiprinters

Can I use ULTRA ENDURA Paper in other manufacturers' digital printers?
Yes, ULTRA ENDURA Paper is compatible with most manufacturers' digital printers. Kodak has successfully tested this paper in the following devices. If you do not see your printer on this list, contact your equipment manufacturer for information:
  • GRETAG Net
  • SIENNA Mileca

Kodak has worked with many digital printer manufacturers to establish aims for this paper. There may be other digital printers that are compatible that we have not tested. For aims and printing information for your printer, contact your equipment manufacturer.
Can I process this ULTRA ENDURA Paper in standard Process RA-4? Any processing changes?
Yes, use the standard Process RA-4 cycle. Your developer replenishment rates for the ULTRA ENDURA Paper can be up to 20 percent lower than previously available papers depending on image content and operating procedures. The bleach-fix replenishment rates remain the same.

What control strips should I use to monitor and control my process?
You can use the KODAK PROFESSIONAL Pro Strips Color Negative Paper Control Strips / for Process RA-4.

Do I need to use a scanner target when scanning images on ULTRA ENDURA Paper?
The imaging dyes in the ENDURA Papers peak at different wavelengths from those in the previous generation of papers. This affects the way print scanners see the various colors. Therefore, you should calibrate your scanner with a scanner target produced from ENDURA Papers—KODAK PROFESSIONAL Q-60 Color Input Target / Q-60R2.