Endura EP Paper: Questions and Answers

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA EP Paper provides the look and feel of photographic paper printed on digital presses. The paper uses proprietary technology from KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Media. We offer two versions of the paper, each optimized for the specific printing system:
    For equipment that uses Dry Ink/Toner Based EP Technologies
    For equipment that uses Liquid Ink/Toner Based EP Technologies
Why is Kodak introducing these products?
As we looked at the market, we saw the need for a high quality photo grade media for EP Presses. Professional labs, studios, central lab operations (CLOs) and print operators interested in photo-realistic quality are complementing their silver halide offerings by increasingly incorporating digital presses into their production to create unique products. These papers enable customers using digital presses to get a photo-realistic quality, due to the look, feel and surface of the paper. Because of this quality, customers can intermix media output from silver-halide printers and digital presses. This expands the portfolio of photo offerings available from our customers, and enhances productivity with duplex printing.
Who should use these papers?
KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA EP Papers are ideal for CLOs, studios, professional labs and print operators interested in photo-realistic quality looking to offer new and differentiated products, such as greeting cards, business cards, companion wedding albums and posters. These new papers provide a similar look and feel as professional photo papers and labs can confidently blend it with traditional photo products and expand the array of products they offer their clients.
How do these differ from competitive EP papers in the market?
The KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA EP Papers allow customers to produce products, more quickly and of higher quality, when compared to conventional EP output on coated paper. Kodak has optimized its EP papers by using the same paper base, a proprietary Lustre (E-Surface) used in the KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Media. By sharing these technologies, Kodak enables customers to intermix media output, and produce differentiated digital press products.
On what presses do these papers work?
Our goal is to certify these papers to work on a majority of EP printing presses. Initially, KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA EP-D is certified for use with the family of KODAK NEXPRESS digital production presses. KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA EP-L is certified for use with HP Indigo presses.
Can you interchange the papers?
Because the printing processes differ between the two systems, customers should use the paper specifically optimized for their presses.
Are these papers backprinted?
Because these papers are designed to work in duplex printing environments, we specifically chose to not backprint them.
Can a customer write on both sides of the paper?
Yes, if customer uses a felt-tip style of pen. However if the paper is laminated after printing, it may prevent writing and should be tested.
In what sizes are these papers offered?
Initially, the EP papers will be offered in 18 x 12 in (45.7 x 30.5 cm) double-sided sheets. We plan to roll out additional sizes and formats of interest to the imaging market.
In what regions are these papers available?
The products will be available worldwide. Check with your local representative for regional availability.