New! Improved!

Beginning in April, 2013, KODAK PROFESSIONAL will begin shipping (on a stock turnover basis) the most recent generation of KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Transparency Display Material. This new film features the latest cyan dye technology and replaces the previous generation of film. As a result of integrating this new technology, this film features an overall increased color gamut (+5%).

Identifying the new film:

  • The product name is unchanged
  • The product catalog numbers are unchanged
  • Emulsion numbers for the improved product begin with 4000 series (example 4XXX-XXXX-XXX)

Please continue to use your current printer aims for this film.

If you use an output ICC profile in your printer's workflow, we have posted updated profiles on our website to easily enable you to use the full potential of this new product:

A set of three profiles are now available for each printer. Each of these profiles vary in saturation:

  • Natural Color
  • High Color
  • Max Color

These new profile choices enable you to achieve exactly the "look" you desire in your printed images.