Kodak's Best, Commercial, Color Negative Paper.

If you're running a mixed lab, portrait/social and commercial, this paper will help simplify your workflow and, at the same time, deliver amazing output quality that lasts.

As part of the award-winning KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Papers family, ENDURA Premier Paper raises the bar on how many vibrant colors you can expect from a commercial paper, because it will produce more colors than were possible with previous ENDURA Papers.

Kodak understands that your lab is constantly looking for options to differentiate your commercial work, to set itself apart from the competition, improve quality, grow business opportunities, and meet its customers' high expectations.

ENDURA Premier Paper provides the advantage you need, to:

Drive and grow commercial sales with outstanding color.

The impressive color accuracy of ENDURA Premier Paper enables you to faithfully reproduce the hues and tones of the original subject or scene. The result: high-color-saturation prints that represent the original subject matter.

Attract customers with outstanding image stability.

Customers want prints with a long life. ENDURA Premier Paper sets the standard for print longevity. Its tested light keeping is one to five years for commercial display.

Simplify your operation.

A "single-paper" workflow that gives outstanding performance in both portrait/social and commercial or digital and optical printing equipment can greatly increase your lab's efficiency. Your ordering and inventory procedures will be much simpler when you don't have to stock separate papers.

Reduce remakes with greater print consistency.

You'll see better matched prints between digital and optical printers, bright/rich color saturation, pleasing tone scale, and excellent skin-tone reproduction, as well as brighter greens, blues, yellows and cyan. ENDURA Premier Paper offers exceptional sharpness for type and graphics. Text reproduction is crisp, clean and precise. From studio portraits to outdoor candids, your customers get the matched prints they want.

Improve lab workflow and productivity.

Excellent process robustness gives you the consistency you need with great first-time yield rates. ENDURA Premier Paper performs superbly with all formats of digital files and color space and under varying exposures. It easily provides great results with Kodak's and other manufacturers' films — either optically or from scanned images.
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