KODAK PROFESSIONAL UV-Curable Display Media: Questions and Answers
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UV-Curable Display Media

 Questions and Answers
What is UV-Curable inkjet printing technology?
UV-Curable inkjet printing is used in commercial applications, for example, to produce point-of-sale and backlit display materials. The printing technology involves the use of Ultraviolet (UV) lights on the printer’s print head, which cure each ink drop immediately after printing. As a result, printing speeds are very fast and the image is immediately dry, robust and permanent, ready for subsequent mounting and display.
On what printers are your UV-Curable Film — Plus and Paper compatible?
While we have tested our media on printers from leading manufacturers (Durst Rho, HP Turbojet, and VUTEk), our media is designed to be universally compatible.
Why did Kodak introduce these two products?
Kodak continues to invest in developing leading-edge products and services for the advancement of the professional market. This media offers solutions for print providers and specifiers who seek less expensive printing alternatives, without compromising quality. With KODAK PROFESSIONAL UV-Curable Display Film — Plus and Paper, commercial labs can now offer a wider range of solutions to their customers, based on various elements of quality, cost and visual impact.

These two products enable the creation of point-of-sale and backlit display materials quickly, productively and affordably. Similar to KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Display Material, these new products feature exceptional clarity, consistency and quality.
What are the sizes of these products?
These products are available in roll widths up to 72.5 inches (184 cm) and lengths up to 328 ft (100 m). These sizes address the specific finished-size requirements of our commercial customers and weight consideration for handling. Productivity is enhanced due to these sizes, minimizing media changeovers when printing.
What Kodak customers will potentially use these products?
Customers include commercial photo labs or graphic print providers (e.g., trade show and retail point-of-purchase) that use UV-Curable technology for photographic-like output in their workflow.
How are these two products different than competitive products in the marketplace?
High-Quality Photographic Base Materials: The new film and paper leverage Kodak’s professional photographic film and paper technology, featuring a high-quality base with outstanding color consistency required by the stringent demands of these applications. Consistent quality delivers maximum throughput and helps avoid costly rework when flaws in lower grade materials compromise results.
Batch Consistency: Even during long runs, output quality remains consistent. Kodak quality ensures that media receive inks consistently across the run so that colors match from start to finish. Whether within the roll or across multiple rolls of media, consistent quality delivers predictable results and increased productivity.
Photographic Look: With this media, users can offer a wider range of output solutions and adapt printing strategies that balance quality and value. This technology mixes well with traditional photographic signage and maintains a consistent photographic look.
Is UV-Curable Display Film — Plus a ‘Day/Night’ product?
Yes. Ideal for traditional backlit display applications, the media’s reflective qualities provide dramatic impact, even when the lightbox is turned off. Additionally, if you choose to turn off the lightbox when using the UV-Curable Film — Plus in daylight display conditions, relying on the film’s high reflective property, you can reduce energy consumption.
Can UV-Curable Display Film — Plus be used outdoors?
Yes. UV-Curable Display Film — Plus is an extremely versatile media that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This greatly expands the types of outdoor displays utilizing photo-realistic images.
Is this new media recyclable?
UV-Curable Display Film — Plus is recyclable. While UV-Curable Display Paper is not recyclable, it can be disposed of by incineration with energy recovery.
Are the products available now?
UV-Curable Display Paper is currently available worldwide, and UV-Curable Display Film — Plus will be available worldwide by mid-2011.
In what regions are these products available?
The products are available in all regions.