EKTAR 100 Film

Tell me about KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTAR 100 Film.
EKTAR 100 Film is the world’s finest grain color negative film. With ISO 100 speed, high saturation and ultra-vivid color, this film offers the finest, smoothest grain of any color negative film available today.
Why did you name it EKTAR?
In years past, the EKTAR name, and EKTAR 25 in particular, were synonymous with fine grain. However, the low speed and limited exposure latitude of EKTAR 25 Film essentially mandated use of a tripod. EKTAR 100 Film offers the same fine grain as EKTAR 25 Film, but with 2 additional stops of speed, and significantly more exposure latitude (-1 to +2).
Who should use this film?
EKTAR 100 Film is ideal for commercial photographers and advanced amateurs, and is recommended for applications such as nature, travel and outdoor photography, as well as for fashion and product photography.
What about portraiture?
Professional photographers will more likely prefer KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA Films for their consistently natural reproduction of the full range of skin tones.
How does EKTAR 100 Film compare to the finest grain color reversal films?
KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film E100G is one of the finest grain, color reversal films in the world today. Due to differences in measurement conditions, a direct comparison of EKTAR 100 and E100G Films is not possible. However, if you scan images shot on the two films and then print enlargements for a visual comparison, you will see that the grain of EKTAR 100 Film is as good or better than that of E100G.
It sounds like EKTAR 100 Film might be an alternative to high color reversal films?
Exactly. And that’s important as E-6 processing becomes less readily available.
What technologies were used to develop such an outstanding film?
In addition to Micro-Structure Optimized T-GRAIN® Emulsions, the film incorporates KODAK VISION Film technology, and advanced cubic grain technology.
How does EKTAR 100 Film compare to the existing family of KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA Films?
What formats are available with Ektar 100?
EKTAR 100 Film is now available in the following formats: 135-36x (CAT# 603 1330), 120 (CAT#831 4098), and will be available in 4x5 (CAT#158 7484) and 8x10-inch sheet (CAT#887 7516) format beginning in April of 2010.
How will I recognize the product?
Look for this packaging.
Do I need to do to anything different to scan or print EKTAR 100 Film?
No. The film was designed to be printing and scanning compatible with the existing family of PORTRA Films.