Process E-6 and E-6AR

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Reversal Bath and Replenisher, Processes E-6 and E-6AR
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Maintains process stability and productivity

Quality and Consistency—from the Inventor of Process E-6

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Reversal Bath and Replenisher, Process E-6 and E-6AR, is designed for processing today's color reversal films. It prepares the film for the color developer step.

Reversal Bath and Replenisher produces a robust, clean-working tank solution that requires less maintenance and operator attention. Its lower levels of chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD and BOD) mean reduced environmental impact. Both the concentrate the mixed solution are odor optimized.

The E-6AR (automatic replenishment) cartons feature unique color coding that makes it easy to identify product and to minimize the potential for operator mixing errors. Unique symbols and sequential process solution numbers on the top/side/bottom package panels make it easier for your operators to determine where to place the cubitainer on processors with in-line dilution replenishment systems.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Reversal Bath and Replenisher is available in several sizes to meet the needs of most professional Process E-6 operations. Clearly marked expiration dates on the packaging ensure the highest possible quality of the concentrate you purchase.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Imaging Solutions include a vast array of photochemicals that are researched, developed, and manufactured to complement Kodak's and other manufacturers' films, papers, and media. Professional labs and advanced amateurs alike will find a wide choice that meets their exacting standards. Quality chemicals that are convenient, easy to use, and deliver the productivity you expect and demand.