Process E-6 and E-6AR

Fixer and Replenisher, Processes E-6 and E-6AR
  • Removes silver halide
  • Sized for a variety of processing operations
  • Easy to use

Quality and Consistency—from the Inventor of Process E-6

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Fixer and Replenisher provides consistent, high-quality results with a variety of processing methods and equipment. It is one of the chemical baths used for processing color reversal films such as KODAK EKTACHROME, KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME, and KODAK ELITE Chrome Films, as well as other manufacturers' Process E-6 compatible films.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Fixer and Replenisher, Processes E-6 and E-6AR, are available in several sizes—to make 3.8 litres (1 gallon) up to 189 litres (50 gallons)—for all types of professional Process E-6 operations.

Process cycles include rack-and-tank, continuous, and roller-transport processors; sink-line and batch processing; rotary-tube processors, and small tanks.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Fixer and Replenisher, Process E-6AR, is packaged for replenishment systems with in-line dilution.

The chemicals are supplied as liquid concentrates for ease of handling and mixing. If you occasionally need to mix chemicals in smaller amounts, the package can be broken down to make smaller mixes. The replenisher can also be used as a tank solution with no additional mixing or additions of starter.

Clearly marked expiration dates on the packaging help ensure the highest possible quality of the concentrate.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Imaging Solutions include a vast array of photochemicals that are researched, developed, and manufactured to complement Kodak's and other manufacturers' films, papers, and media. Professional labs and advanced amateurs alike will find a wide choice that meets their exacting standards. Quality chemicals that are convenient, easy to use, and deliver the productivity you expect and demand.