Process E-6 and E-6AR

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Final Rinse, Process E-6
KODAK PROFESSIONAL Final Rinse and Replenisher, Processes E-6 and E-6AR

Feature Advantage Benefit
Workflow Productivity
Enhanced surfactant Reduces the processing drying marks lines and streaks that plague many labs Delivers optimum results and clean processed films
Elevated stability Delivers consistently clean working solutions Commercial photo labs will enjoy a longer lasting, more stable and consistent Process E-6 than ever before, with higher quality results
Simple mixing ratio to make working solution; 10 mL of concentrate makes 1 litre of solution Easy/convenient to use No need to use different dilutions depending on package size
Large solution volume from the most popular concentrate size (the 5-gallon concentrate of Final Rinse, Process E-6AR, makes 500 gallons) Less frequent cube changes in automatic replenishment systems Lowers cost of a commercial lab’s operation