Process E-6 and E-6AR

KODAK PROFESSIONAL First Developer, Process E-6
First Developer Replenisher, Processes E-6 and E-6AR
  • Reduces precipitate formation
  • Clean working
  • Reduces process variability

Quality and Consistency—from the Inventor of Process E-6

KODAK PROFESSIONAL First Developer Replenisher, Process E-6 and E-6AR, is designed for processing color reversal films in professional applications. This chemical has enhanced stability that reduces the formation of precipitates in the concentrate if it is accidentally exposed to cold temperatures during shipping and storage. It also provides better process consistency, a cleaner working solution, and reduced foaming in the tank solution.

The product reduces the chemical load in processing effluents. The first-developer effluent has lower levels of chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD and BOD), as well as reduced Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) which is better for the environment.

In addition, clearly marked expiration dates on the packaging ensure the highest possible quality of the concentrate you purchase.

Use KODAK PROFESSIONAL First Developer Starter, Process E-6, to prepare a working tank solution from replenisher. You do not need to replace the entire tank solution when you convert to this developer. Just replenish the tank with your new first developer replenisher.

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