Process E-6 and E-6AR

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Color Developer, Process E-6
Color Developer Replenisher, Processes E-6 and E-6AR
  • Reduces need for sodium hydroxide
  • Increases process consistency and productivity
  • Consistently controls contrast, density, and color balance

Quality and Consistency—from the Inventor of Process E-6

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Color Developer and Color Developer Replenisher simplifies your color reversal film processing by significantly reducing the need for sodium hydroxide additions to control color balance. It offers increased process consistency and productivity to meet any professional lab's Process E-6 chemical needs—and at a competitive price.

The Color Developer Replenisher will fit seamlessly into the processing workflow of any professional lab, including labs participating in KODAK Q-LAB Process Monitoring Service.

The E-6AR (automatic replenishment) cartons feature unique color coding that makes it easier to identify product and to minimize the potential for operator mixing errors. Unique symbols and sequential process solution numbers on the top/side/bottom package panels make it easier for your operators to determine where to place the cubitainer on processors with in-line dilution replenishment systems.

Use KODAK PROFESSIONAL Color Developer Starter, Process E-6, to prepare a working tank solution from replenisher. Clearly marked expiration dates on the packaging help ensure the highest possible quality of the concentrate.

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