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KODAK PROFESSIONAL Extended Range Imaging Technology
KODAK PROFESSIONAL Extended Range Imaging Technology
The convenience of JPEG; the power and flexibility of RAW files
  Key Features
  • Provides 2-stops of exposure latitude and extended color space
  • Delivers high dynamic range 36-bit image quality
  • Saves a minimum of 4 times more images in-camera than RAW
  • Simplifies workflow while maintaining control
Streamline your workflow and increase productivity with KODAK PROFESSIONAL Extended Range Imaging Technology (ERI). This proprietary technology offers an innovative image file format similar to a JPEG, but with the dynamic range and color gamut information of raw DCR camera files. And it’s now available only with KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Digital Cameras.

Extended Range Imaging Technology files allow you to easily open, edit, and print JPEG files within your JPEG workflow. Your JPEG files are captured directly in the camera. With ERI, you’ll have the extensive editing, color balance, and color compensation capabilities of RAW digital negatives—for applying to your JPEG files.

High-quality JPEG files can be stored in-camera for later color correction or manipulation, saving precious storage card space. All of the original image data is preserved. If you shoot high volumes of images, you’ll find Extended Range Imaging a real advantage to your JPEG workflows.

Files can be seamlessly submitted to a lab using KODAK PROSHOTS Studio Software for efficient job turnaround in a digital lab environment.

With KODAK PROFESSIONAL Extended Range Imaging Technology your workflows are easier and your capabilities are greater than ever before.