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DCS Firmware upgrades

KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Digital Cameras have a unique system architecture that enables significant firmware upgrades to be accomplished without the need to return the camera to Kodak. Most manufacturers use non-programmable components in their cameras limiting the upgradeability of their designs. By leveraging this unique capability, Kodak can make upgrades and performance improvements through simple downloads from our website. This only happens if you take advantage of the free downloads—so download the latest firmware today and maximize the value of your investment.

The most recent firmware releases include the following enhancements:

Version 5.4.1 (02/05):

  • Fixed a JPEG compression problem that could occasionally cause capture errors and loss of an image file. When capturing ERI JPEG images using firmware version 5.4.1, the burst depth may be slightly reduced by 1 or 2 images.
    Note: If your DCS Pro 14n camera has only 256MB internal memory, you may not be able to capture ERI JPEG images directly to a tethered computer via Camera Manager. This limitation is a result of the additional camera memory allocation needed for ERI processing. You may address this issue either by first capturing to an installed CF Card then using Camera Manager to transfer the image files, or by upgrading your camera's internal memory to 512MB.
  • Fixed a camera "hang" problem that occurred if the IEEE 1394 cable was unplugged from the camera while Camera Manager was running.
    Note: If you unplug the IEEE 1394 cable when Camera Manager is running, you must wait 8 seconds before capturing images.
  • Improved general CompactFlash memory card compatibility.
  • For 14n(x) and SLR/n cameras, fixed a problem regarding focus point selection during boot up. Selection is now allowed earlier in the boot up process.
  • For DCS Pro SLR/c, fixed an intermittent Imager Clean hang-up.

Version 5.3.0 (12/04):

  • Improvements in tethered operation that resolves issues with some Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems when capturing bursts of images using IEEE1394 interface.
  • Improved performance and artifact reduction with ERI JPEG images and further improvements in this area when using v5.3.0 firmware with ERI FFM v2.0.

Version 5.2.1 (9/04):

  • Improvements in image-capture reliability in burst mode for the DCS Pro 14n, DCS Pro 14nx, DCS Pro SLR/n and SLR/c models.
  • Improved overall performance of the SLR/n, 14nx and 14n with NIKON VR lenses. Through its unique system architecture, the new firmware not only updates the digital parts of the DCS Pro SLR/n, 14n and 14nx system, it also updates the NIKON SLR sub-system with new SLR body firmware that greatly improves the communication between the NIKON VR lens and the NIKON F mount/ NIKON SLR sub-system. This update fixes the issues that some customers reported when shooting VR lenses in the anti-vibration mode.

Version 5.1.5 (8/04):

  • Portrait Greyscale and Product Greyscale Looks were added, increasing the number of pre-selectable in-camera looks to six.
  • Improved LED illumination, POCKET WIZARD support (U.S. only), and Longer Exposure processing.
  • Weak noise reduction added as an additional choice for both in-camera noise processing and default host processing.
  • Addition of Traditional Chinese as the 10th language to the user interface.

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