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DCS File Format Module
v4.2 — (9/04)

KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS File Format Module opens your DCR files in PHOTOSHOP with saved processing settings from DCS Capture Studio or DCS Photo Desk. With DCS Photo Desk, you can reduce noise, remove moiré, and sharpen your image. You can also output linear camera RGB data. That means you’ll access the purest form of imaging sensor data, unique to DCS Digital Camera systems. The raw data remains unchanged, so you can manipulate it as often as you need. You can also press a button and send your image data to a third-party application, such as ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Software.

Latest Features:
  • Mac version built with new KCMS and filter libraries for improved multiple thread handling and memory management
  • Windows version built with new camera SDKs for improved performance

Download DCS File Format Module