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v4.2 — 09/04

Control your tethered KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS digital camera directly from the computer with DCS Camera Manager software. With an IEEE 1394 "FireWire" interface, you can use your computer to control camera settings, trigger the camera and send images directly to the computer where they can be transmitted to other locations. In addition (as a separate step) DCS Camera Manager allows you to quickly copy images captured on the storage card (in the camera) to the computer.

Ideal for in-studio applications, DCS Camera Manager enables more collaboration on photo shoots and provides an ideal technology for training and demonstration. Improvements incorporated into version 4.2 help speed image processing.

Latest Features:
  • Improvements to the image-rendering code, expediting the process measurably
  • Improved IEEE 1394 data handling when using DCS Camera Manager v.4.2 and MAC OS 10.3.7. This provides improved stability and robustness and enables the highest possible transfer speeds with the DCS system.
  • Korean user interface that increases to 10 the number of languages in DCS Camera Manager software.
Core Features:
  • Allows you to save your images directly to the computer, thus bypassing the camera's removable memory
  • With PCs that offer wireless transmission, capture images in the field and transmit almost instantaneously to a web site or wire service for further dissemination
  • Set properties accessible through the camera's menu on the computer

Download KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Camera Manager v4.2 now and get the flexibility, control, and ease of use you need to make your workflow more productive!