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Kenny Kim's Focus on Social Media
Spend some time following Kenny Kim, destination wedding photographer and author of "PHOTO WORKSHOP SERIES: WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY," on his social media channels and you feel like you know him. He loves his job. He loves Chicago. And he loves the Bulls.
Ask Kenny Kim and that's exactly what he wants you to think. Kim uses his blog, Facebook (5,000+ friends) and Twitter (4,500 followers) to share his life/work, his personality and how he conducts business, in addition to his style of shooting.

This openness and transparency helps clients, both current and prospective get to know him and his style of shooting, which makes them comfortable hiring him for their weddings.

"By doing all these things," said Kim, "the clients that inquire about my services are usually the ones that already appreciate and like what I do."
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Creating connections via social media also helps Kim bond with his clients, some of whom he doesn't meet face-to-face until the wedding weekend. But when they do finally meet, according to Kim, "we greet each other like we have been friends for very long time and get right down to business."

Kim markets his services almost exclusively using social media, although he admits, when he started in 2005, he had no clear objective in mind.

"It may sound cliché but I 'just did it' without knowing how powerful this would be," said Kim. And in the that process, I began to see the importance of social media and how it was revolutionizing the way we share, market and conduct our business today."

Kim encourages those photographers who haven't yet tried social media to get involved, because its here to stay. He says the social media era is still in its infant stages. "Sometimes people look at things like Twitter or Facebook and think that it is such a big mountain to climb in order to catch up with everyone else," said Kim. "But it is never too late to start. Build that relationship one friend at a time."
Professional lab is critical element to Kim's success
"I encourage prospective clients use a high quality, trained photography professionals for their entire event. My job, as the photographer, is to shoot, edit and compose a compelling story of their wedding day. If after learning about me, they select me and my style of photography, my value is clearly established. But that's only a part of the story. Without a way to bring that same quality and artistry full circle into a professional quality finished product, clients can be disappointed and ultimately, that's a bad reflection on me.

The choice of professional output is also a critical component of the overall value delivery. In order to provide the complete experience, I let our clients know that my lab uses best technology to produce beautiful looking prints, books and albums that they will cherish for lifetime."
Kim cites his close relationships with his professional lab, Pictage, as being a critical element of his business success.

"Pictage is not just a lab. It provides a complete solution to photographers to help develop their business and identify and implement new products. I'm a self-employed business owner. I need to focus on what is important for my business –shooting, storytelling and marketing my business. Pictage gives me the time to focus on those things by taking care of many of my business process and product fulfillment needs. I can specialize in what I do best, and Pictage brings that same expertise and professionalism to the things that they do best."
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Kim in Social Media
Even the big storm couldn't keep this couple from tying the knot today. Congrats! #fb http://instagr.am/p/E67Qc/

Stage all set 4 day's inauguration. Looking fwd 2 photographing mayor Emmanuel & VP Biden 4 CCC. http://instagr.am/p/EUmTM/

On my way to photograph her eSession in the city. Shot her sister's wedding 2 yrs ago. #fb http://instagr.am/p/D-Trb/

Call me crazy but I think Derrick Rose is more athletic (not a better player) than Michael Jordan. 2 of my all time fav players now. #fb